History Of Boxing


Boxing has been around for thousands of years – the bare-knuckle kind that resulted in many deaths. About three thousand years ago, the Greeks developed Boxing Gloves to protect their fighters during practice sessions. However, when the Greeks handed over the secrets to boxing, as well as the boxing glove to the Romans, the death toll rose. That is because the Romans had the tendency to do everything on a grand scale, gladiator style, and the simple leather straps used as gloves were not adequate protection for the fighters and many were maimed for life or killed as a result of their participation. The end result was the outlawing of boxing for nearly two thousand years. Eventually, however, bare knuckles boxing came back into style, but because people were dying and being permanently injured the Marquess of Queensberry Rules were instated and they required the use of a boxing glove in the ring.


Since those times Boxing Gloves have evolved from those rather pathetic leather straps to a wide range of options for the different kinds of boxing that we do today. Gloves for practicing are different than gloves for an actual bout, and kickboxing gloves are different from regular boxing gloves. There are gloves called speed gloves that are designed for light bag work and sparring gloves are designed for a more friendly kind of fighting than fight gloves are, the difference being the amount of cushioning in the glove to protect the fighters. Also, boxers tape their fingers, hands, and wrists to help reduce the stress of hitting someone which protects them from breaks.

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