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Manny Pacquiao Boxing has always been a contact sport that has often led to some unfortunate circumstances, rendering some of its participants to incur serious physical injuries and even worse, their untimely demise from internal head injuries. Through years of the sport’s development, boxing gear such as boxing gloves have become one of the most important parts of a boxer’s hand protection as further developments in improving its design has now enabled them to be more comfortable while giving ample protection to the wearer’s hands and their opponents as well.

The use of synthetic materials has also improved the hygienic quality of modern day good boxing gloves, as most gloves today feature anti-bacterial mesh fabrics that repel the growth of fungus causing bacteria that produces foul smelling odor.

boxing-injuredBut the improvements in the design of boxing equipment, particularly the one’s used by boxers when they compete in the ring are not the only ones that have been improved as other protective equipment related to the sport of boxing have also been given a new design to improve the way they protect the boxer from the sport’s brutal nature. Because of all the types of safety gear available for boxers, research has proven that boxing can be reasonably safe for body and mind.

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Hand Wraps:download

Ringside Mexican-Style Boxing Handwrap Besides the boxing gloves, the first primary form of providing protection to the hands of a boxer is the use of adequate hand protection in the form of hand wraps. Though it may look simple enough, hand wraps are one of the most important forms of hand protection that a boxer can have to reduce the inflammation of a boxer’s hands. Given the fact that an average, well-trained boxer can exert to as much as 800 to 1000 pounds per square inch of pounding power to its target, which can render the hands very sore as the blood vessels in the hands pump enormous pressure to make sure that the muscles and the bones of the hands are protected from the trauma of powerful blows.

Traditionally, hand wraps are made from cotton materials which have an average measurement between 120 to 180 inches in length, and depending on the size of a boxer’s hands, binding the hands with it could be a little trickier if the boxer has smaller hands since over wrapping the hands could change the way a boxer punches its target and may even inflict injury to their hands. In recent years, the use of “Mexican Wraps” and elastic hand wraps have become the most preferred method of giving protection to a boxer’s hands since elastic hand wraps provide a firmer means of securing the hands without loosening out from its binding, as it also gives a more comfortable fit compared to that of traditional cotton wraps without constricting blood flow from the hands.

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Boxing Mouthguard:shock-doctor-gelmax-flavor-fusion-mouth-guard

Shock Doctor Adult Pro Strapless Mouthguard Very often can we see in some rare occasions when a boxer’s mouth guard is thrown out from their mouths that the referee would pause the fight and lead the fighter that has lost his or her mouthpiece to a corner to put it back in their mouth. This is very important since boxing without the use of an adequate boxing mouthguard could remove the teeth from your mouth, if you can only consider the amount of force that a boxer can exert, through a punch directly in the face. Mouthpieces or mouthguards have evolved over the years with the progress of the sports of boxing. Early during its development, mouthpieces were made from crude rubber materials that were a bit hard and provided very little protection that it often made the gums bleed profusely.

Brain-Pad Lo Pro+ Double Laminated Strap:Strapless Combo in one Mouthguard Although it did protect the boxer’s teeth quite well, it did leave the inside part of the lips rather sore since the hard rubber material was constantly rubbing against the inner lip, which left a rather discomforting sensation resulting from mouth sores. Today, most protective mouth guards are made from high-quality silicon latex rubber, which is much softer to the inner lips while providing protection to the teeth. Most of the time, mouthguards are usually custom-made by a dentist to perfectly conform to the boxer’s dental anatomy, giving a more natural feeling when biting on it.

There are also mouthpiece kits that could be bought in which you can make your mouthpiece to conform to the anatomical structure of your mouth. These mouthpiece kits come with a special rubber material, which you can soak in hot water to soften its consistency. After it has reached a desirable soft consistency, you can bite down on it to get the shape of your teethes in which it cools down to retain your dental impression.

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Boxing Headgear:

Boxing Face Protector Training Headgear Boxing headgear is frequently used during training and in amateur bouts in which new boxers are given adequate protection from direct traumatic blows to the head. It is already apparent that most boxers who suffered from traumatic head blows, suffer the lifetime effects of head injuries through direct blows to the cranial cavity, or even much worse, die because of it. A most well trained professional boxer can easily take direct blows to the head without flinching since they have undergone years of experience of handling the pain of being hit on the head. For beginners and amateurs, the use of headgear is important to ensure that they don’t suffer serious head injuries, which can be fatal.

The boxing headgear is also referred to as a “boxing helmet”, which is designed to give protection to the left and right side of the head as well as the front and back. The boxing headgear was designed to absorb excessive punches that can cause internal head injuries to most amateur boxers. The materials used in headgears consist of a plastic mesh that contours the entire shape of the head. This plastic mesh is usually padded with synthetic foam materials that absorb the shock that is delivered to a boxer’s head. The entire headgear is covered with leather or a synthetic faux leather material. The headgear also protects the boxer from cuts inflicted on the cheeks and the eyebrows and greatly reduces bruises on the face.

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Boxing Groin Protection:


Ringside Groin-Abdominal Boxing Protector Regardless of being a man or a woman, being punched on the groins is no laughing matter as it is one of the most painful and thought to provoke thing that any boxer can ever experience in the ring whether training or during about. Unfortunately, accidental hit on the groin can never be avoided since boxers need to execute upper jabs and punches which require them to punch from below the waistline, to go upward, in which they sometimes hit the groin area accidentally. Since this is an unavoidable incident, the use of groin protectors had become a standard part of a professional boxer’s training apparel. Groin protectors are primarily designed to protect the genital areas as well as the surrounding areas underneath the stomach’s diaphragm.

The groin protector also protects the vital organs that are located in the vicinity of its areas such as the lower abdomen, the kidneys and the liver, which can incur injuries, if not given the proper protection during a fight. The groin protector has a cup design that protects the private parts from shock and is made from a plastic material that surrounds the thighs and the lower abdomen. Its inner lining is made from foam materials and is covered with either leather or synthetic materials. The design of the groin protector is worn similarly to that of shorts in which it is fastened securely with lace or Velcro straps on the back part. Groin protectors provide ample protection to the mid section while providing freedom of movement to its wearer.

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Chest Protector:41caacxinel

Women’s Training Chest Protector for Boxing With the advent of female boxers in the sport of boxing, it is only natural to provide the right amount of protection to their chest area since traumatic injuries in these areas can often lead to breast cancer. Chest protectors for female boxers are usually made from anatomically sculpted hard plastic materials that conform to the shape of a woman’s chest. It primarily protects the chest and rib area with the use of a soft outer fabric material and banded behind with either Velcro or cord. The additional use of protective sports undergarments such as sports bras can greatly help protect the chest area from unwanted accidental punches.

Whether boxing is now safer than 25 years ago is depending on the boxers in the ring, their experience as boxers, how they prepare themselves and whether they use the available boxing safety gear. But also their agents and the box tournament organizers can make a difference in the safety of the boxers.

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