What Are The Best Ab Exercises In Existence Today

Choosing The Best Ab Exercises To Target The Upper Abs, Lower Abs And Obliques

When it comes to the Best Ab Exercises in existence today, much research has been conducted on this topic. However, the most effective training method is dependent upon which group of muscles you are trying to strengthen. The abdominal region can be divided into three parts, the upper abs, the lower abs and the obliques. Each region requires different techniques for optimum gains. To learn which routine works best for each group, they will be examined in more detail below.

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What Are Ab Exercises Effective?

When attempting to strengthen your upper ab region, certain exercises are more effective than others. Half crunchesa9c4ebe8b5cdd136ac8cf95786b60fa6 have long been used to train this muscle group, and these can produce good results. Also known as partial sit-ups, this move is most beneficial when holding your knees up at a ninety-degree angle. Simply flex the upper portion of the abs, and bring your elbows up to touch your raised knees. However, one note needs to be mentioned here. People frequently train both the upper and lower abs together, in one seamless move. This approach can be highly efficient, allowing you to train your full range of abs in one session.

A Few Highly Effective Ab Exercises


What are the Best Ab Exercises for training both of these regions together? According to a well-received study conducted by the American Council on Exercise, the most effective training method is performing crunches while seated on an exercise ball. This unique training device forces your abdominals to constantly engage in order to maintain balance. This method is highly effective, and most closely resembles your body’s natural movement. This is important to highlight, as correct posture while training reduces the chance of muscle strain or injury. ABSFurther, while doing sit-ups on the exercise ball actually used less muscle power than other ab workouts, it isolates the abdominal region far more efficiently. Other routines engaged the powerful muscles in the legs as well, diminishing the focused training which the ab region received.

The Bicycle Maneuver And The Captains Chair

bicycle_talkOn the list of Best Ab Exercises for working the upper and lower abs together, two other effective methods rose to the top. These are the bicycle maneuver and the captain’s chair. The bicycle maneuver involves laying flat on the ground, and then pedaling the legs just as you would when riding a bicycle. As you do so, you bring your opposite elbow up to meet your knee, a move which requires a high amount of energy expenditure from both the upper and lower abdominal regions.

How to Do the Exercise Called the Bicycle Maneuver?


Effective Oblique Exercises


Now that we’ve examined the upper and lower abs, it is time to turn to the oblique muscle region. What are the Bestoblique-exercises Ab Exercises for training your obliques most effectively? According to the American Council on Exercise study, the top three workouts for oblique training are the captain’s chair, the bicycle maneuver and the reverse crunch. If you are unfamiliar with the captain’s chair, it is a piece of equipment which allows you to rest your body weight on your forearms. You then grip the two handholds and lift your legs up to your chest. This motion gives targeted training to your obliques and can produce the best result over time.

Rotating Your Ab Exercises 


5-medicine-ball-ab-exercises-blast-mid-section-3A good approach is to include the Best Ab Exercises on a rotating basis, to ensure you don’t experience a plateau effect. This strategy will also help to prevent repetitive injuries, as you will be moving your body in different ways with each exercise. With these excellent tools in your arsenal, you can boost your training results to new levels, and achieve a well-rounded abdominal regimen.



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