Top 6 Abdominal Exercise Tips

Give Your Abs A Rest

ce2143d632272e01d07aa8c343d65b3a--six-pack-abs-diet-ab-diet (1)Some professional bodybuilders’ routines incorporate daily ab exercise as part of their overall workout. Perhaps, this is where many of us get the idea that it is beneficial to work the abs every day for the best results. The reality is that with professional bodybuilders, performing abdominal exercises every day is not usually part of their normal routine, but a temporary increase in training as preparation for a competition. For optimal gains, your muscles require adequate periods of rest allowing them to recover and heal whether it is your abs or any other muscle group.

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Work Out Other Muscles To Burn Caloriesburn-calories

There is no question that performing abdominal exercises is absolutely essential for toning and tightening your abs. However, it does not represent the best way to burn calories simply because the abs represents a small group of muscles. Your workout regimen should always include the larger muscle groups such as the legs and biceps to get the heart rate going at a much greater rate – which translates to more calories burned.

Over-hyped Ab Workout Equipment

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There is a phenomenal amount of money spent on ab workout gadgets and equipment – estimated to be over 200 51kAV8H5aEL._SX355_million last year. With this kind of money invested in abdominal development, it would seem logical to assume that expensive equipment translates to six-pack abs. Many researchers do agree that if the purchase of an ab gadget helps you begin or stick with an ab workout program then it might be worth the expense. However, much research at universities around the U.S. indicates that ab gadgets and equipment that you are paying top dollar for are no more effective than abdominal exercises you can do on the floor at home for free.

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Your Diet – Getting Back to the Basics

a769Getting control of your diet requires a diversion from the things that do not work or provide temporary results: fad diets, restrictive starvation and the laughable “fat loss” pills. Real success with weight loss can only come by consuming a balanced diet full of nutrients to provide your body what it needs instead of starving it. What this means is getting back to the basics. A healthy diet should include lots of fruits and vegetables, greens and beans. They are low in calories, high in volume and high in vitally important nutrients.

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Add Stability Ball Exercises For Variation30-best-ab-exercises-v-up-and-pass

The best ab workout routine is one in which incorporates different exercises into the routine. For example, including various stability ball exercises will provide not only variety, but the engaging of additional muscles to maintain your balance on the ball. The Swiss Ball Rollout is an excellent choice for a stability ball exercise.

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Intense Abdominal Exercises Gets Results

Stepping up the intensity of your ab exercises will stave off the plateau effect. If you max out your reps (20 or 25) on a particular abdominal exercise you need to increase the intensity. This can be done by either modifying the exercise to make it more challenging, adding weights or changing to a completely different exercise that will challenge the ab muscles more.

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