Best Boxing Shoes Reviews & Guides For Men’s & Women’s 2020

Most people think that boxing is more about handwork. You hit your opponent with your hand, and the opponent hits you back. But there are lots of legwork involved in boxing as well. If you don’t wear the proper shoe, it will affect your performance in the boxing ring. Nike, Adidas, Rival, etc. are the top brands for both men’s and womens boxing shoes. Here are the best boxing shoes that you can find in the market today.

When it comes to choosing Best Boxing Shoes you must consider some important factors, without a pair of specialized shoes for boxing no one can enjoy the game, more importantly, the grant boxing shoes make a world of difference. For this reason, boxers wear these shoes. Are you serious about boxing? Then prefer top-rated boxing shoes, it is one of the best investments you can make.

Most Comfortable Boxing Shoes Comparison Chart

  • Title Boxing Title Lo-Top Boxing Shoes
  • Colors: Black, Red
  • Sizes: 1-13 (No 1/2 Sizes)
  • Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes
  • Colors: Black, White, Blue, Red, Pink, Neon Green-Yellow-Orange
  • Sizes: 1-13 (No 1/2 Sizes)
  • Adidas Box Hog 2 Boxing Shoes - SS17
  • Colors: Black
  • Sizes: 8.5 D(M) US - 12.5D(M) US
  • ASICS Men's Matflex 5
  • Colors: Black, Graphite/White/Charcoal/red
  • Sizes: 6.5 D(M) US -14 D(M) US
  • Reebok Boxing Boot - Buck Shoes - Mens
  • Colors: Black / Black / White�
  • Sizes: 8 D(M) US - 12D (M) US
  • Colors: Black, Orange, Lime
  • Sizes: 7-15

Most Popular & Reviewed Boxing Shoes For Women’s

  • Ringside Diablo Muay Thai MMA Wrestling Boxing Shoes
  • Colors: Black, Red, White, Blue, neon Orange-Green-Yellow
  • Sizes: 2-13 (No 11 Sizes)
  • Ringside Undefeated High Top Muay Thai MMA Wrestling Boxing Shoes
  • Colors: Black, White
  • Sizes: 2-13
  • Inov-8 Women's All Train 215 Cross-Trainer Shoe
  • Colors: Black/Navy/Neon Yellow, Black/Grey, Grey/Pink, Light Grey/Purple Navy
  • Sizes: 5.5 C/D US - 10.5 C/D US
  • PUMA Women's Eskiva Mid Cross-Trainer Shoe
  • Colors: Whisper/White, Black
  • Sizes: 5.5 B(M) US -11 B(M) US
  • PUMA Women's Match Lo Basic Sports Sportstyle Sneaker
  • Colors: Puma White/Fuchsia Patent
  • Sizes: 5.5 B(M) US - 11 B(M) US
  • Adidas Hvc Mens Blue Synthetic Athletic Lace Up Shoes
  • Colors: Black/White
  • Sizes: 8.5 D(M) US - 13 D(M) US

Top 5 Best Boxing Shoes Reviews

In general, every boxer knows that their footwork can make or break their training and their fight. If you looking for the pair of best shoes for boxing you must consider the below-mentioned brands, boxing shoe reviews help you to find both positive and negative aspects about every shoe at the same time it will give a better idea. With this, you will choose the best shoes for boxing style best.


TITLE Lo-Top Boxing Shoes – Boxing Running Shoes

It is one of the best shoes for the boxers; it is ultra-light and ultra-fast. more importantly, these shoes are made for speed, of course, full synthetic leather upper with tight weave nylon fill sits atop sculpted polyurethane soles offer ultimate comfort to the wearer. Especially these shoes are designed exclusively for boxing.  It is built for quick footwork and speed as well as beautiful embroidery complements any style gives ultimate look. TITLE Low Top Boxing Shoes come with full synthetic leather. Boxing shoe title lo-top are designed exclusively for boxing and also other colors available in which we make a perfect game like white boxing shoes, black boxing shoes, red boxing shoes and blue. Incredibly light, as well as stunning flash patent leather synthetic, gives ultimate look.

TITLE Lo-Top Boxing ShoesFeatures, Upper Sole, Midsole, Outsole:

The Title Boxing shoe series features striking as well as thrilling engineered dura-mesh micro-fiber upper and it is ideal for the boxers to perform well, this shoe gives ultimate comfort to the wearer and performance from the first use.  These shoes are built for quick footwork and speed as well as the beautiful embroidery complements gives the attractive look.

An amazing lightweight youth boxing shoes and the blend of the select leather synthetic upper with a masterful interweave ensures your comfort zone. The brilliant double nylon meshes befitting of champions at every level. It is 6″ in height and ultra-featherweight.

Comfort Level, Weight and Thickness:

These are lightweight and pretty flexible than others and these men’s boxing shoes also made of the lightweight material. The insoles came with the rubberized ones and noticed a big difference so it is easily fixed to an overall great shoe. It is highly comfortable for the wearer.

Height & Ankle Support:

Approximate height is 6″ height and it is ideal choices. Best shoes for boxing, Generally run narrow as well as it is widely recommended for the boxers, it is half to a full size larger than what you normally wear. Experts recommend ordering 1 – 1 ½ size smaller than what you would normally wear because it is essential to ensure foot speed.


 It is the perfect shoe for the casual boxers, longevity is amazing. This shoe is not padded properly for running or other conditioning exercises. Luckily this shoe had some extra insoles that had rubber on the bottoms. With this wearer can replace insoles that came with it with the rubberized ones.

  • Incredibly light synthetic leather upper
  • These shoes come with precision integrated mesh insets for a cool
  • Supports for dry performance
  • Polyurethane rubber soles are crafted for speed footwork
  • Incredibly stunning
  • Good quality for the price

  • These shoes are not suitable for outside of the boxing ring

TITLE Lo-Top Boxing Shoes Check Reviews & Price  

Ringside Shoes

Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes – Best MMA Shoes

Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes are the popular choice and these contemporarily styled shoes give ultimate support, it will have your opponent cursing like the devil. Of course, Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes considered as the new generation and high-performance ring footwear, these shoes are made of breathable nylon mesh pattern so it is comfortable to wear.

The patent leather vinyl finish gives an attractive look as well as the low-top ankle available for the fluidity at the same time it supports for the ease of movement. These MMA training shoes are helpful for beginners. In addition to this, it has a non-slip, rubber sole which gives great grip. Now, these shoes are also available in different colors that include White, red, blue, black etc.

Ringside Diablo Boxing ShoesFeatures, Upper sole, Midsole, Outsole

It is the new age of high-performance contemporary ring footwear designed to offer great comfort during training, practice. These kickboxing shoes are available in sizes. A nylon and mesh upper with patent leather vinyl finish offer ultimate stability, breathability, durability as well as it has a stylish look.

The low-top ankle offers fluidity moreover it is easy to move. The non-slip rubber outsole provides superior grip as well as speed. On the other hand elusiveness necessary to excel in the ring, it is the perfect shoes to enjoy boxing. The non-slip rubber outsole is available to ensure maximum traction as well as speed in the ring; these facilities highly help to render your opponents attack ineffective. This is also called a Womens Kickboxing Shoes

Comfort Level, Weight, And Thickness:

Really Great shoe and this shoe made of the lightweight material, these shoes are really well for leg days. Good quality, lightweight and the shoes are fit perfectly. Ringside boxing shoes available in sizes 2 – 13, as well as this, features a patent leather vinyl finish that gives the attractive look.

Height & Ankle Supportringside-shoes

These shoes are available in Men’s Sizes 2 – 13 and the Women’s shoe sizes are 2 sizes smaller than men’s. Really tight to have a good ankle support, and it is lightweight which ensures the comfort level of the wearer, as well as made quicker, it is comfortable for all time. So far they have been the great option.


Undefeated in every sense of the word, it is the ideal shoes for boxing these sport-specific shoes combine style and cushioning option is also good. Moreover, these shoes also produce elite class performance. The reinforced toe tip is available for pivoting, breathable mesh and suede construction.

  • Patent leather vinyl finish
  • Breathable nylon mesh pattern
  • Low top ankle for fluidity
  • Non-slip and rubber sole
  • Ease of movement
  • Super Durable
  • Helpful in Improving Footwork
  • Great ankle support
  • High-performance ring footwear

  • It is not very supportive
  • No ankle support
  • The soles of shoes noted to be weak
  • It is bit narrow

Ringside Diablo Shoes Check Reviews & Price  

Adidas best shoes for boxing

Adidas Box Hog 2 Boxing Shoes – Men’s Boxing Shoes Adidas

It is the ideal shoes for the boxers these men’s boxing boots Adidas deliver an agile performance and the breathable mesh upper ensure the performance. The Box Hog 2 Boxing shoe upper is made by using high-quality single-layered open-mesh this will allow for superb climate control at the same time, this option supports your feet to stay cool and comfortable for all time.

On the other hand, this shoe has great durability and comfort, the synthetic suede overlays on the upper give a secure fit and feel. additionally, the low-profile EVA midsole comes with super lightweight with cushioning which help to keep your feet light and its outsole is constructed with a Gum Rubber it gives traction and grip,  with this you can easily balance and steady on your feet.

Adidas Box Hog 2 Boxing Shoes - AW16 Features, Upper sole, Midsole, Outsole:

These shoes come with the low-profile cushioned midsole and the gum rubber outsole provides traction and grip so it is the best investment choices. In general, the Adidas Speedex Box Hog 2 Boxing Shoes upper is made with a single-layered open-mesh. These Adidas boxing shoes are great and allow for superb climate control at the same time this also keeps your feet cool and comfortable forever. Adidas adipower boxing shoes are effective choices to perform in the ring.

Single-layer open-mesh is the best

choice that also allows for breathability as well as great ventilation. In addition to this, synthetic suede overlays provide a comfortable fit. Even the low-profile EVA midsole supports for your midfoot. The gum rubber outsole gives indoor traction and grip.

Comfort Level, Weight & Thickness:

Durability and comfort are really good and these are offered by the synthetic suede overlays on the upper. Moreover, this also gives a secure fit and feel to the wearer. It is highly secure and comfortable fit so you no need to face any problems. The cushioned heel gives great support.

Height & Ankle Support:

Adidas boxing boots deliver an agile performance and it is widely preferred for its ankle safety. Boxing shoes Adidas features with a breathable mesh upper as well as the low-profile cushioned midsole gives superior support for all times. It is suitable for trainers, professional boxers & beginners.


The low-profile EVA midsole is super lightweight come with cushioning in the heel and a lightweight midfoot gives ultimate grip, it is always light on your toes and quick on your feet.  Obviously, the outsole is made with the Gum Rubber which as well as this also offer supreme indoor traction. Overall, it helps to keep you balanced and steady.

  • Attractive ventilated mesh design
  • Nonmarking rubber outsole
  • EVA midsole
  • Ideal for ring or gym
  • Ultimate traction and stability
  • Gives ankle safety and super Light
  • Cushioned Heel
  • Secure and Comfortable Fit
  • Upper construction keeps you cool

  • Sole is glued and it can break with use
  • No color options

Adidas Box Hog 2 Boxing Shoes – AW16 Reviews & Price


Asics Boxing Shoes Men's

ASICS Men’s Matflex 5  – Kickboxing Shoes

Asics Men’s is one of the popular boxing shoes and it has breathable open mesh upper it is ideal to experience ultimate comfort. It gives great airflow and flexibility you require. It is ideal for grappling with your opponent as well as the integrated lace garage ensures improved lockdown and compliance with all tournament regulations.

asic-shoesAsics Boxing Shoes is the Best Boxing Shoes, It is a wrestling shoe it has full-length gum rubber outsole even the grips keeps you balanced with enhanced traction as well as it provides great support. In general, the mesh upper ensures maximum flexibility and breathability. Of course, the integrated lace garage provides easy stowaway space. The full-length gum rubber outsole with traction pads supports for the wearer and the forefoot delivers a tight grip on the mat for better movement.

Features, Upper sole, Midsole, Outsole:

These shoes come with synthetic fiber that is durable as well as the rubber sole offers excellent grip. It is lightweight and flexible shoes with lace-up closure. The sticky traction outsole offers ultimate comfort to the wearer. Open mesh upper ensures maximum flexibility as well as breathability. At the same time, it has integrated lace garage  which is easy stowaway space for laces this shoe features full-length gum rubber outsole that also comes with the traction pads in the rear and forefoot  that delivers tight grip on the mat for better movement, it is the Lightweight and flexible wrestling shoes which are easy to move.

Comfort Level, weight & thickness:

 It is highly comfortable; these shoes are made of high quality and lightweight material. The Weight of the shoes is 8.3 oz, this product is sturdy and comfortable for the price, it is the worthy investment when compared to ordinary athletes shoes. If you choose this you will surely enjoy a lot. This best shoes for jumping rope.

Height & Ankle Support:

This shoe has an amazing entry level wrestling and it also comes with full functionality and ankle support. Of course, the experts also prefer these shoes, if you choose this you will definitely recommend these to anybody who trains in combat sports like kickboxing, or professional wrestling.

  • Very flexible
  • Very narrow
  • Comfortable,
  • Lightweight and stable,
  • Aesthetically pleasant
  • It gives enough protection for your toes
  • Made with the high-quality material
  • High-Top Ankles
  • bold design and great color choices

  • Expensive

ASICS Men’s Matflex 5 Check Reviews & Price

Reebok Boxing Shoes

Reebok Boxing Boot – Boxing Shoes Reebok

It is the best shoes for all, and it brings your best to every effort, you can enjoy ultimate comfort with the Reebok Boxing Boot.  it is one of the most effective boxing boot supports your ankles it can easily fit and comfortable to wear. The ankle strap for a custom fit ensures the comfort level of the wearer. The synthetic nubuck upper for comfort Ankle strap gives a locked feel as well as it is also supported EVA midsole. The underfoot cushion Mid-cut design for ankle stability supports for durability and traction

Reebok Boxing BootFeatures, Upper sole, Midsole, Outsole:

This shoe made with high-quality fabric-and-synthetic, the synthetic nubuck upper available for comfort. The ankle strap gives the locked-in feel and added support. The EVA midsole for underfoot cushion offers a great feel. The Mid-cut design ensures ankle stability and the full rubber outsole for durability and traction. This shoe is the best boxing shoe out as well as provides good support, comfortable & lightweight. So it is ideal for the boxer. If you need to get ultimate comfort during training you must prefer these shoes. It is really effective and comfortable.

Comfort Level, weight and thickness:

It is great in feet and the quality of the shoe always good than others. Even it is the recommended shoes and would recommend to anyone. The Reebok made the shoe cheap as well as it is highly beneficial. These shoes are available to the general public. Reebok is the most comfortable shoes in boxing, It’s also known as Reebok wrestling shoes.

Height & Ankle Support:

 People choosing a pair of Reebok boxing boots to meet their exact needs it is ideal for all ages and widely people wish to get the pair of these shoes to enjoy boxing. Of course, it is a really comfortable and great support, as well as the size and fit,  are great.


Back they are super comfortable as well as these are very reasonably priced. People widely consider these kinds of shoes for their unique qualities. The inner Cushioning gives ultimate comfort. So it is really beneficial to all, you can use these shoes outside also.

  • Ankle strap for a locked-in feel it gives added support
  • EVA midsole for cushioning
  • Synthetic nubuck upper
  • Full rubber outsole the gives ultimate durability
  • Great quality boxing boots
  • provide great support
  • gives good grip in the ring

  • Expensive
  • Sometimes not comfortable

Reebok Best Boxing Boot Check Reviews & Price


Professional Choice With Otomix Boxing Shoes

Otomix Stingray MMA Boxing Shoe – Women’s Boxing Shoes

OTOMIX STINGRAY ESCAPE BODYBUILDING WEIGHTLIFTINGMMA BOXING SHOEOtomix Stingray Escape Bodybuilding Weightlifting MMA Boxing Shoe is known as an ultralight shoe that identifies according to the superior light and uses for sports purpose. The brand gives good support and stability and made up of leather and synthetic models. It is made for extra ankle support and durable. Otomix is a familiar brand that is widely used in boxing by women. In fact, the size of the shoes is suede and thus has superior support to the women. Also available  in color Pink Boxing Shoes

Otomix Stingray MMA boot Reviews & Price

Ringside Boxing Shoes

Ringside Power Boxing Shoes – Women’s Boxing Shoes

Ringside power boxing shoes

These Ringside Power boxing shoes are made up of grooved rubber soles. Ringside Power Boxing Shoes has designed by hook and loop ankle strap that is comfortable for boxing women. Moreover, the size of the shoes is 11.3×11.3×4.8 inches as per the model. The shoes are made of reinforced toe tip for pivoting and useful for long-lasting fights. The product can also available in 6 to 13 sizes which is flexible for women boxers.

Ringside Power boxing Boot Check Reviews & Price

Adidas Boxing Shoes

Adidas Mat Wizard 3 Wrestling Shoes – Best Boots Of Boxing


Adidas Mat Wizard is a perfect blend of good performance and comfortable style for women. It includes unparalleled support capable of sock-like fit to them. The brand has mesh breathability and TPU stripe support as per the body and strategic performance. It is made up of fabric and reinforced with superior rubber outsole flow. The brand is designed by fabric layer and create an amazing grip on the women.

Adidas Mat Wizard  Boot Check Reviews & Price

Puma Boxing Shoes

PUMA Women’s Ankle-High Fashion Sneaker – Boxing Sneakers Women’s


PUMA Women’s Eskiva Hi EVO Ankle-High Fashion Sneakers are the sporty and sleek profile with the panache. The boxing styles are made with the textile uppers moves that would control whole-body movements. The weight of sneakers will be 10 Oz and the product measurements are 7.5 with B – Medium-sized. A cushioned footbed and breathable textile lining also enable flexible rubber outsole.

PUMA Women’s Eskiva Hi EVO Boot Check Reviews & Price

Best MMA Shoes

Ringside Undefeated High Top Muay Thai MMA Wrestling Shoes – Women’s Boxing Boots

Ringside undefeated boxing shoes

Ringside Undefeated ladies Boxing Shoes is known for its style and performance in complete durability. Muay Thai MMA sport-specific shoe has patent leather vinyl finish with the high-top ankle that adds extra support for elite class performance. Breathable nylon mesh patterns with the non-slip rubber sole also add more comfort with extensive safety. Muay Thai MMA Wrestling Boxing Shoes weighs 1.5 pounds with dimension 14 x 12 x 5 inches.

Ringside Undefeated ladies Boxing Boot Check Reviews & Price

Benefits Of Choosing Top Boxing Shoes

The advantage &

Important Features Of Good Boxing Shoes:


Buying high-quality boxing shoes are really important; the specialized shoes help to enjoy the sport. In general, wearing boxing shoes during training may help you improve your footwork as well as it gives protection. Best Boxing Shoes exist to help you move fast and quickly; it helps you feel like a second pair of skin but gives more support to the boxer. in order to get an ultimate experience you must find the best boxing shoes, now online offer best shoes for both men and women with this you can easily choose high-quality boxing shoes. But for training, you need to build power and improve developing techniques on the heavy bags which will help boxer to respond in the boxing ring.

Easy To Move:

Unlike the athlete shoes, boxing shoes made with weighing less material that offers ultimate comfort to the wearer, even they can easily move the shoes in the sport. Choosing the lightweight boxing helps boxers move lightly on their feet at the same time, it allows boxers to change direction and stance frequently, it is the most important part of boxing. Apart from that, choosing lightweight boxing shoes gives ultimate experience to the boxer, with this you should feel like you’re not wearing shoes at all; the boxing shoes are made with lightweight leather or suede so it is easy to move.

Matchless Traction:

In general, the Best Boxing Shoes Online often have a thin rubber sole this will help you maintain traction without holding to the ground. Moreover, the shoes for boxing with a thread provide traction as well as if your sweat makes the ring slippery during training. Normally most of the boxing shoes may not have a built-in arch. Youth boxing shoes come in the high-top, low-top and mid-top versions so you must prefer the best choices according to your boxing style. Of course, the high-top shoes provide more support at the same time it gives ultimate protection. Most of the boxers prefer the low-top shoes for workouts because these kinds of shoes provide for greater mobility.

Excellent Ventilation:

Choosing the right kind of buy boxing shoes to allow sweat to evaporate from the feet, in general, these kinds of boxing shoes have permeability, which means fluid passes through them easily. This will give ultimate comfort to the wearer. Of course, this characteristic makes them impractical for use outside,  obviously, you can use this Kickboxing shoes in the water you walk through would penetrate the shoe, apart from that it helps to keep your feet cooler and drier in the ring. You must prefer boxing boots with mesh windows that improve breathability, it is essential to enjoy boxing.

Top Rated Boxing Shoe Brands

Nike Speedsweep

Nike is known for its durability, comfort, style and high performance. It is one of the best low top boxing shoes you will find. You can get this shoe for $70 to $85. The shoe feels light and provides excellent grip. With great ankle support, this shoe will allow you to perform at your best.

Adidas Combat Speed 4

Adidas has a great reputation for style and quality. This shoe has various features that improve the boxers’ performance. The leather top is long lasting and allows for easy movement. You will find this shoe in different colours. It is one of the most affordable boxing shoes you will find in the market.

Rival Low Top Neon

This stylish shoe has a mixture of suede and microfiber on the upper layer. The outsoles are flexible; it will be easy for the boxer to move. This shoe keeps the feet dry and cool. So, the boxer won’t feel uncomfortable during the match.

Lonsdale Contender

Lonsdale is a name of quality. It is a laced boot with strong ankle support. It has gripped sole, so the boxer will not fall during practice or a match. You will not have any skin problem like blisters. If you are looking for an affordable shoe, then you should choose this one.

Reebok Boxing Boot

This high top boot is made with synthetic leather materials, so these are easy to clean. There is an ankle strap that provides extra support to the ankles. This boot breathes well, so helps to keep the boxer’s feet cool all the time.

Good quality boxing shoes are necessary to perform well in the boxing ring. It gives power, speed and comfort. It helps in movement as well. So, you can choose from one of these shoes for better boxing experience.


Buying Guides Of Best Boxing Shoes For Women

If you are a boxer in training or enjoy boxing for the exercise that it gives you, Best Boxing Shoes For Sale can help you ‘up’ your game to the next level.  Many people are tempted to forego the added expensive of buying the Best Boxing Shoes For Women and the sport that they love and to just train solely in regular athletic shoes. If you are serious about boxing, however, and you want to perform at optimal levels, then you need to invest in a pair of shoes that are made specifically for the needs of the boxer.

The truth is that best ladies boxing boots worn during training can help you to improve your footwork, which is an important part of the sport of boxing. Moreover, boxing shoes woman can assist you in moving faster so that you can get an edge over your opponent. Boxing shoes for women should fit like a second skin but provide a lot of support to the foot, ankle and calf.

top-rated-shoes-for-womenWhen Choosing Best Boxing Shoes For Women, it is important to pay attention to the weight of the shoe. Women’s boxing shoes should be lightweight and weigh less than traditional athletic shoes or tennis shoes. A lighter shoe can help the boxer to move lightly on the feet and to change stance and direction often, which is important to becoming a winning boxer. A boxing shoe should allow you to feel like you are wearing nothing at all. Most boxer shoes for women are crafted from lightweight suede or leather.

Another consideration when Choosing High Top Boxing Shoes Womens is traction. Most shoes that are built for boxing have a thin sole that is made from rubber that will help the boxer to maintain traction without holding the boxer to the ground too firmly. Boxing Shoe with rubber tread provides traction, even when the boxer sweats. Unlike most athletic shoes, leather boxing shoes, boxing sneakers womens, boxing footwear may not feature a built-in arch. You will find girls boxing shoes in three different types of configurations or styles, including low-top boxing shoes, mid-top boxing shoes and high-top boxing shoes versions. The hi-top boxing shoes provide the most support and the most protection to the lower shin and the ankle. Many boxers prefer a low-top shoe for working out and a high-top or mid-top shoe for competition or when they get in the ring.

When choosing the top boxing shoes for women, breathability is also a concern. The girls boxing shoes that you choose should allow for the evaporation of sweat with ease. Some accomplish this feat with the addition of a built-in mesh window.  Most women’s boxing shoes have this capability built-in, and while this is ideal for training in the gym, you should keep in mind that they are not meant for practical use outside the ring. This is due to the fact that fluid can easily penetrate inside the shoe.

Boxing And FootworkRules On Pro Boxing ShoesWhere To Buy


Boxing And Footwork

The ability to take and throw punches during a boxing match is not the only things that are needed to be successful as a boxer. You must also be able to move around with ease, stand and position yourself into various stances that will allow you to put your body behind the punches that you throw, adding force to your punches so that you can overpower the competition. This involves having the best possible boxing shoes for women. Female boxing shoes work to keep you on your feet throughout the course of the fight.  Most boxing boots have a thin sole that allows you to feel the surface beneath your feet and they have a non-slip sole that will keep you from losing traction when walking through water or sweat on the ring floor. Shoes for boxing allow you to hone and develop your footwork and skills to be the best that you can be.

Rules On Pro Boxing Shoes

The first boxing rules were put into place back in 1743 and were known as Broughton’s Rules. These rules made no mention of footwear for boxers. The first time that any rules were made in regards to footwear was not until 1866 when Queensbury Rules mentioned that the boxer should not wear any boots or shoes with sprigs, which is another word for what we call spikes. In Britain in 1923, the first defined rule requiring boxing boots was made, when the National Sporting Club required boxers to wear light boots or light shoes or to box in socks. These rules pretty much stuck until a 2009 revision that was made by USA Boxing, the U.S. body that governs boxing. These rules state that boxers must wear footwear that is made from soft material and that is free from heels, cleats and spikes. For professional bouts, however, the rules can vary from state to state. Although not specifically required during a boxing match, most trainers, advisers and boxing professionals themselves recommend that shoes, including boxing shoes for woman boxers, are a vital piece of best boxing equipment.

Where To Buy Top Boxing Shoes For Women

Any sporting goods store sells Womens Boxing Shoes, and this includes online sporting goods stores. No matter where you buy, be sure to look for a retailer who offers genuine products from your favorite brands and that you can trust to deliver on any guarantees that are offered. Most boxing shoes run the same size as your regular athletic shoes, although you can plan on the fit is a bit snugger than regular shoes. The shoe should fit snug but should also leave room for you to wiggle your toes around inside the toe of the shoe. The old rule of ordering a size up to ensure the best fit does not really apply to boxing shoes since they must fit well in order for you to perform optimally in the ring. A loose fitting shoe can cause you to lose your footing. Always order true to size and refer to the size chart provided by the manufacturer when you order boxing shoes for women.


Best Boxing Boots Reviews: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

During the early development of boxing, most amateur and professional boxers used to wear boots when competing on top of the ring. Unfortunately, casual footwear, let alone boots are not the most comfortable form of footwear that one can wear during a boxing match and consider that boxing matches would even go beyond 20 rounds during those days! Besides the agony of having to bear injuries in the face and body, boxers would also have to put up with the blisters on their feet due to the shoes that they were wearing which were also very heavy. It was not until early 1920 were when boxing shoes made from canvas materials were made to give boxers a more comfortable feeling during about.

What Provide a Canvas :- Canvas boxing shoes provide a more comfortable feeling to the feet, which is lighter and cooler to wear compared to leather boots. Today, boxing shoes are made from a mixture of natural materials such as fine suede leather, synthetic fibers and plastic composite materials that provide a lighter feeling along with the needed flexibility while giving the feet ample comfort and protection. Most boxing shoes are designed with a very thin under sole that gives a boxer that almost “barefoot” sensation since the sole was primarily made to give added traction to the ring’s canvas surface.

top-shoes-for-womenLightweight Designed:- Boxing shoes were designed to be extremely lightweight so that it does not impede with the way a boxer moves around the ring, particularly when a boxer frequently uses the strength of their lower body to help with the way they charge their opponents during a match. Using boxing shoes that are both lightweight and flexible is very important for this particular reason since a boxer exponentially increases their punching power with the help of their lower leg muscles. To generate the needed thrust from their lower legs, the rubber sole of a boxer’s shoes must be thin enough to give the feet the needed leverage to enable the calve muscles on the legs the right footing. Boxing shoes are looking quite similar to wrestling shoes, but in the end, they are not the same.

title-lo-top-boxing-glovesAbout Title Boxing Shoes Lo-Top

Title Boxing Shoes Lo-Top That is the reason why boxing shoes have thin soles as to give the feet the right pushing power to launch the entire upper body, and this cannot be effectively done if a boxer is using a thickly soled shoe otherwise. Canvas is the most preferred material in designing ladies boxing boots, though there are boxing shoes made from advanced composite materials such as Kevlar and plastic composite materials built inside to provide the feet, particularly the ankle area with the adequate support that reduces the ankle from pivoting out-of-place. This greatly improves the way a boxer balances while delivering punches to their opponents.

Material:- The use of advanced silicon gel rubber has provided an improved means of absorbing the shock on the palms of the feet, along with modern-day plastic materials that support the sides of the feet since these type of shoes are so thinly made. During the early years of the development of boxing shoes, some manufacturers decided to integrate a metal toe protector plate, similar to those used in safety shoes and work boots. This design was used up to the middle of the 1980’s until the use of plastic materials soon took its place. It was also this same time that laces were soon giving way to Velcro as a more convenient way of fastening boys boxing boots.

Today, modern boxing shoes are integrated with advanced polymer materials that feature bacteriostatic capabilities that kill off the build-up of harmful bacteria, which can cause annoying foul odors. Other materials such as Dacron fiber are used to line the interior of these boxing shoes which absorb moisture from sweat, providing its wearer a more comfortable feeling while keeping the inside of the shoes considerably dry. The use of mesh materials also provides adequate air to ventilate in and out of the shoe, keeping the heat to a minimum which in turn gives the wearer a more relaxing feeling compared to older shoe designs.

boxing-shoes As of today, most boxing shoes are made from synthetic materials since these materials can easily be shaped accordingly to the feet’s size along with being able to customize a shoe design that will adequately fit in with a boxer’s fighting style and stance. Compared to the monotonous way that old boxing shoes were designed, modern day boxing shoes are far more colourful and feature various designs that not only provides ample protection to the boxer’s feet but also accentuates a fighter’s fighting style as well. Most boxing shoes today are very graphical when it comes to their design and appearance that compliments what boxing is.

Need:- Comparable to that of a good boxing glove, boxing shoes also provide the feet of a boxer with the needed protection during a fight. It is not surprising to see boxers accidentally stepping on to each other foot during a match as this kind of incident is very hard to avoid considering that boxing is 50% punching and 50% feet work in which cases there are occasional incidents of seeing a boxer stepping on their opponent’s feet. These incidents could cause a reduction in the points of a boxer and are considered as a foul act of trying to pin down their opponents so they can punch them. In any case, you will need good boxing shoes to avoid any untoward injuries on your feet so that you can freely move around the ring to avoid your opponent’s attacks.


Benefits Of Wearing Boxing Shoe

 Nike boxing shoes, Adidas boxing shoes, Everlast boxing shoes reviews and Main Event have been in the ring and on the feet of great national and international boxers. These brand leaders in boxing footwear have a long history with Hall of Famers like Hector Camacho, Mike Tyson, Sonny Liston, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and Jack Dempsey. The elder of the footwear and boxing wear brand, in boxing, belongs to Everlast who partnered with Jack Dempsey from 1916 to his title fight in 1919 against Jess Willard. In the early 70s Sugar Ray Leonard and Shane Mosley, served as Everlast (everlast shoes, gloves & other equipment) design contributors and were soon hired as their spokespersons.

Boxing organizations such as the World Boxing Federation, World Boxing Council, International Boxing Federation and the World Boxing Organization all have boxing shoe dress codes. They don’t get specific, they only require that:

  • Boots or shoes should be light, meaning, to be made from the quality soft material
  • No spikes, cleats or hard heels
  • Boxers may wear tassels on their boots or shoes
  • No sequins allowed

Other dress codes for pro boxing shoes include that shoelaces be held in place with adhesive tape.

The main support of wearing shoes is to help boxers move quickly, but the shoes should feel like they aren’t wearing anything on their feet. Shoes are designed specifically with rubber soles that are made very thin for the traction boxers need. Yet, traction is needed to help boxers feet to stay planted on the ground when it lands, but to also allow boxers to jab and move, jab and move. Traction for boxing shoes is further needed so that boxers do not slip, as they move about because their sweat can make the ring a little slippery.

Having watched boxers throughout the years, fans understand that there are different types of boxing shoes. One style is the high top sneaker style, the other style is a mid-top style and the third is the low top style. All three provide the necessary support for the ankles, the Achilles and the shins that professionals need in the ring. Boxing shoes, no matter who the brand name is, are designed to support professional boxers.

Speaking of sweat in the ring, another advanced feature of boxing shoes is to divert sweat away from the feet. This is accomplished through features such as mesh windows to allow air to flow in and out, while also allowing the feet to breathe. Where this technology works perfectly in the ring, it would not work if a person wore them as daily footwear, outside a ring.

Finding The Right Boxing Shoes Requires The Followings

  • Always try the shoes on first for a lightweight fit.
  •  Concentrate on the shoes sole treads for good traction.
  •  Padded lightweight tongues that support the top of the foot.
  •  The sole of the shoes should allow for comfortable jumping and bouncing, rather than jarring and jolts to the feet. Also, many boxing shoes designed with soles that don’t leave a mark in the ring.
  •  Make sure that the heels of the shoes feel light because boxers are on the ball of their heels a lot.
  •  Move around in the high tops, low tops and medium tops, To make fit when you enter the ring.

Leather boxing shoes were the main style that boxing legends wore in the ring. Modern technology in shoes has manufactured in different types of man-made and synthetic leather and suede. Boxing organizations also allow the color to help rock the trunks and the bathrobes.

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