Boxing Equipment – Are You Equipped?


Boxing is a sport that was first deemed a formal sport by the Greeks back in ancient times, which was basically fist fighting contests where there was a set of rules that were established and only professional fist fighters were allowed to fight. The more modern boxing came about in Europe and the first recorded Olympic event of boxing was recorded as early as 688 BC. There are a lot of different types of boxing around the world and the sport is called several different things such as English Boxing and French Boxing. Boxing today uses several different types of Boxing Equipment for several different reasons.

The types of Boxing Equipment that are used include hand wraps, wrist wraps, boxing gloves, and two types of boxing bags which include the speed bag and the heavy bag. The types of equipment that the boxers use are not only for their protection but are also used for the type of punch that they are able to give. The hand wraps and the wrist wraps are mainly used to protect the bones of the hands and the wrists by securing the bones in to place and this is why they are wrapped so tightly.

boxing-gear-productsThe wraps help keep the bones from sustaining any type of injury from the repetitive forceful punching that the boxer deals out to their opponent while at the same time allowing them to throw more forceful punches that they would otherwise not be able to do without hurting their hands or wrists. The boxing gloves are Boxing Equipment that has several variants. Back in the time, these gloves were rather small and lightweight which would allow the boxer to give much more forceful punches but yet did not protect the hands to the same degree that the larger, heavier boxing gloves used today do.

Depending on the fight and the weight category of the fighters, there are certain weights that the boxing gloves are determined to be before the fight and each fighter has the same weight. The brand of the glove is also determined because this also makes a difference at how much punishment is dealt. Other Boxing Equipment that is used is the mouth guard as well to protect a fighters teeth and gums. By way of practice, a fighter could use a speed bad which is a small teardrop bag in order to help their speed and agility while a heavy bag helps them with their strength punching.


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