Boxing Gloves by Windy Since 1951

Boxing gloves (a great pair!), skill, and agility are the three requirements for the sport of boxing. With practice, and the ideal glove, you will be able to pack a punch that takes your boxing ability to a whole new level.

Windy, established in 1951, offers a range of boxing gloves that are of the highest quality, focusing onhistory-of-boxing-gloves padding and support, which lessens the chance of injury. When you wear a pair of these gloves, you can concentrate on raining blows on your opponent, knowing that your hands will be completely protected. Whether you choose a traditional pair of windy boxing gloves, carefully constructed from high grade supple leather, or an innovative vinyl material called Skintex, your punching power will reach new heights.

Get in the ring and take out the opposition with incredible speed and accuracy, and a fluidity that you don’t experience with other fight gear brands. Hand crafted in Thailand, the Windy boxing glove feature a four layer foam padding, keeping your hands protected through even the most grueling training session or professional bout. Whatever your sport –MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing or Kick Boxing, Boxing, Windy boxing gloves will give you that extra power to land a lethal punch.

Choose a size according to your needs: if you’re heading into the ring for a professional bout, the 8oz or 10oz weight boxing-glovesis perfect when you need to deal that decisive blow. Go with the 12oz glove when bag or pad training, as that extra weight will increase your strength and stamina. For free sparring purposes, the 14oz or 16oz will give both you and your partner the protection that you need. Kids can get in on the action with their very own pair of Windy boxing gloves. Available in 2, 4 or 6oz weights, the Skintex glove offer the correct amount of padding and are double stitched for durability.

All Windy fight gear are manufactured according to EU safety regulations, and come with a 3 month warranty. With Windy, you can be assured of success when you deliver that final devastating upper cut.