How To Make Boxing Gloves Out Of Socks

Do you desire to apply creativity to a pair of old socks? Nowadays, you can observe various DIY ideas that not only help you to reduce your expenses by utilizing the waste material but also assist one to learn creativity and use the precious time in making some quality materials. One such DIY tip is to design the boxing gloves out of your socks. Now you might be wondering is it possible to utilize the old pair of socks? And how to make boxing gloves out of socks? No need to worry now as here I am presenting the top-most steps following which you can easily convert your socks into an amazing and useful pair of boxing training gloves.


How To Make Boxing Gloves Out Of Socks – Step By Step Guide

In the recent era, the demands of boxing gloves are increasing day by day. Apart from boxing professionals, common people also find boxing as a thrilling activity. However, these gloves can be a bit expensive if you opt to buy it from online or retail stores. If you are looking out to avail the cheap yet quality boxing training gloves then follow the below-mentioned tips:

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  • Gather Material

In order to transform your old pair of socks into gloves, you are required to collect a few basic materials i.e., a scissor, pair of your socks, and a sewing machine or thread. The major benefit of this DIY is that you don’t need to roam around the diverse stores to look out for the materials for preparing the gloves rather the scissors and threads are easily available in almost every household.

  • Cut The Socks

The next step is to cut a part of both the socks from the ankles portion. Make sure to not cut more than half or an inch portion as it might reduce the size of the socks making it troublesome to make it fit in your hands.

  • Secure The Openings

Once you have cut the toe section from your socks, the next step is to stitch the same section twice so as to make is tight. Usually, when we cut a part of cloth, it is likely to fray and becomes loose. That is why it is essential to knot it by making the stitches in it.

  • Make The Cuff


After making the stitches tight, fold the end of the two openings either inwards or outwards and sew up the cuff.

  • Create Thumb Openings

Put on the socks into your hands to point out the thumbs opening. Remove the socks from your hands and using the scissors remove one-third of the part of the socks comparing to that of the total circumference of your thumb. Now in order to make the openings tight, you must make a double stitch to the thumbs opening part to protect it from unwanted fraying. Now as similar to the earlier step, you are necessitated to make cuffs i.e., fold the thumbs opening from the inner or outward section and stitch it again.

  • Mark The Length


Once you have stitched the thumbs opening and created the cuffs, the next step is to place the glove on your hand and mark the length you want your gloves to be. After marking the length, cut the socks. While cutting the socks, make sure to add up 2-3 inches to the edge.


  •  Make The Stitch


The concluding step is to secure the gloves by making the stitches using the sewing machine. Once you are done with the final stitches to the gloves, you can make a cuff by turning the gloves inward and stitching it twice. With that, the boxing gloves of your desired shape are prepared.

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