The Best Wrestling/Boxing Shoes Guide

Known as one of the most popular ancient competitive sports, Wrestling / Boxing continues to be a much loved and anticipated activity around the world. When it comes to picking your wrestling gear, choosing the right Wrestling Boxing Shoes is extremely important. Whether you are a high-level professional wrestler or simply a beginner, wrestling shoes are ideal for competition as well as for practice. If you are in the market looking for the best wrestling shoe models, there are several factors that you need to consider.

This guide has been created to give you a better understanding of the different types of wrestling shoes available in the market. As a starting point, it is also essential to determine your preferences based on your unique individual needs. Today, there are an unlimited number of options in Boxing shoes. It can be daunting and confusing to find the perfect pair. We hope that these tips can help you make the right choice when selecting your wrestling footwear from a variety of the best wrestling shoe models available.

What Can A Great Pair Of Boxing / Wrestling Shoes Accomplish?

Wrestling shoes are designed not only to provide the wrestler with ankle support, traction and speed but also to prevent injury to both foot and ankle. Grip, flexibility, support and stability are definitely the first aspects you should focus on when choosing your wrestling shoes. Every wrestling enthusiast knows that high ankle models are preferable due to the increased flexibility and mobility that they deliver. However, there are other crucial features to consider and breath-ability should be counted among the most important of them all. A ventilated bottom will allow for increased comfort thus keeping your feet cool and dry at all times. Mesh or other similar fabrics are most recommended in order for the upper part to achieve proper ventilation. In addition to that, keep in mind that a high percentage of leather will increase the durability whereas footwear that is primarily or entirely manufactured from nylon is more likely to wear out quickly from repeated use.

Nike Men's Inflict Shoes

Nike Men’s Inflict Shoes

Best Shoes

Deconstructing The Sole

Superior wrestling shoes are typically light thus helping the wrestler achieve maximum mobility, agility and control. For best fit and comfort, find shoes with a lightweight and responsive cushioning. Sole construction should also be at the top of the list when choosing the best wrestling shoes. The types of soles available today can be classified as unisole and split-sole. For maximum comfort, make sure that you look for shoes that feature a high-quality rubber sole with advanced traction. A well-constructed split sole is the best guarantee for a good grip on the mat, increased mid-foot flexibility and a higher overall performance during a match.

Many Key Features Other Than The Basics Than Can Be Advantageous

Lace-less wrestling shoe models are usually sought after for their superior functionality. Since wrestlers are always in a hurry, this feature can come in handy not only on the mat but also before and after wrestling. Other equally important features you might want to take into consideration include PU upper reinforcement, 360-degree ClimaCool ventilation and shine-up lining material.

Choose From A Variety Of  Top Manufacturers And Models

ASICS Men's Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe

ASICS Men’s Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe

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Well-known manufacturers such as ASICS, Nike and Adidas continue to make wrestling shoes for both sexes in a wide variety of styles and designs. Some of the most popular wrestling footwear models include the Nike Takedown, Nike Inflict, ASICS Aggressors, ASICS Ultratek, Adidas adiStar, Adidas Mat Wizard III, and Adidas adiZero. You can buy your wrestling shoes online or from sporting goods retail store. Each brand comes with a different feel and fit so it is best to try out different sizes from various brands. The cost of wrestling shoes can range anywhere from $30 to $160. While some brands offer wrestling shoes at more affordable prices, they fail to deliver the same standard of quality and durability.

Finding the right size can also be an issue since wrestling footwear can run up to a full size larger than your street shoe size. Shoes with a wide cut are a good option if you have wider feet. You might want to consult with your coach or someone knowledgeable about wrestling gear before choosing the right size. Wrestling shoes are typically available in blue, red and black, yet due to an increased demand for a larger array of color options, wrestling footwear can also come in orange, silver, gray, green and pink. You can pick your favorite color, or choose one that matches the rest of your wrestling gear.

In the end, it primarily comes down to your individual needs and expectations. With these tips in mind, you are now ready to go buy the best pair of wrestling shoes.

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