Boxing Gloves And Pads: Cardiovascular Boxing Workouts

Since the early 1990’s, boxing has steadily gained popularity among many people not just for the thrill of what the sport can give with regard to the intensity of seeing two competitors battle it out inside the ring, but also for the grueling stamina and endurance that these fighters have to maintain in order to outdo each other in the course of their match.

Healthy Sport Workout

Eventually, boxing soon became a form of exercise that caught the interest of many health enthusiasts that were growing tired of their usual gym workouts and soon realized the benefits of what boxing exercises can offer as a suitable replacement for their daily exercise regimen. Boxing workouts with the use of boxing gloves and pads can burn as much as 300 to 400 calories within a 30 to 40 minutes of working with a punching bag or a focus mitt.

boxing-for-kids-men-womenIt is no surprise why most people have opted to indulge in boxing exercises, leaving behind the usual gym workouts as boxing is a complete exercise regimen that covers all of the basic muscle groups in the body, along with the benefit that is equivalent to running a 5 mile distance with regard to giving you a complete cardiovascular workout. Boxing exercises also improve your ability to maintain a good balance, giving your lower body area, particularly your feet and legs, a means of improving their agility. It can also give the upper portion of your body the strength to develop lean muscles naturally and a tone definition on the arms as you increase your punching strength. As for the abdominal area, boxing exercises will develop this area of your body to improve your ability to maintain proper breathing while protecting it from the impact of punches.

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Boxing A Sport For Men, Women And Kids

boxing-gear-productsMost observers compare boxing to dancing as it clearly defines a boxer’s movements inside the ring, as foot movements are always an integral part of the sport itself. Boxing has gained the interest of many people, of which also a lot of women, who during the last part of the 1980’s had already indulged themselves in the sport, which soon began including women in international competitions. Boxing as an exercise can be a very enjoyable activity for those who find it appealing, especially for women who see that boxing is not a sport limited only for men, as women can be very good at it as well. Boxing exercises can also be done right in the comfort of your home as all you need to get a pair of boxing gloves and pads in which you can practice your aim. Most people prefer to get a punching bag since it can increase your punching power and develop your stamina and resistance at the same time.

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Boxing Training With Pads

punching-mittsBoxing gloves and pads are usually the boxing gear used in sparring and training sessions in which you would need a partner to wear focus mitts, which will act as your target. Pads or focus mitts are worn on the hands the same manner as gloves are which is made from leather or synthetic materials and filled with a combination of foam and synthetic fibers to dampen the impact of punches. Unlike heavy punching bags that require the boxer to exert all of their efforts in pounding the bag, focus mitts are solely for practicing a boxer’s punching precision about a moving target, which in this case are the focus mitts. For this specific training purpose, a boxer wears training gloves or sparring gloves, which are considerably lighter than normal boxing gloves to increase their punching speed and their ability to improve their hand and eye coordination.

In the absence of a heavy punching bag, boxing gloves and pads can suffice in giving you a good cardiovascular workout, provided that you will need the help of a training partner since you will need someone to wear the focus mitts. Compared to a regular punching bag, the use of boxing gloves and pads have a few advantage when it comes to improving a boxer’s punching precision since punching bags have offered a little variation of movement compared to using a focus mitt. Boxing pads give a boxer the ability to practice different types of punching techniques including cross punches, jabs, hooks and uppercut punches. Since the focus mitts are worn on your trainer’s hands, there are a lot of varieties of movements that it can offer as a moving target in which a boxer can practice their aim and punching precision. All the well-known boxing brands have training pads or mitts in their assortment.

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Boxing Pads Used During Sparring Training

boxing-padIncidentally, boxing gloves and pads can also be used in sparring sessions, which does not necessarily mean that you have to find someone to step into the ring and exchange punches with. This can conveniently be done with having someone wear the focus mitts and simulate the movement of an opponent while making them pretend to deliver counter punches in which you try to dodge and avoid. This will give both you and your partner a really good workout without risking hurting each other in the process provided that both of you should be wearing protective head gear since there are chances in which one of you might unintentionally land a punch at each other face. Top Boxing gloves and pads are not only limited to use in boxing exercises alone since they can also be used in a variety of martial arts training exercises such as karate and tae kwondo.

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Kickboxing has also become a very good exercise workout for many people as it not only develops the body’s stamina and endurance but also is a good way to learn self-defense as well. As regard for kickboxing, boxing gloves and pads are also used in this exercise with more frequency since there are more kicks involve here than punches. Target pads used in this form of training exercise are bigger and more padded compared to that used in boxing exercise since kicks are more powerful and violent compared to punches. Target pads used a here function to work as an efficient means to absorb as much force as possible while protecting the wearer from powerful blows. It could be said that boxing gloves and pads have come a long way from being used as merely training implements to prepare a boxer before a fight as it is now used as an indispensable equipment to improve the health and wellbeing of people who indulge themselves in this new form of vigorous sports exercise.

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