8 Best Pound Strength Exercises At The Dumbbells


The dumbbells are better than the bars if you want to develop your pecs. That’s it! Now, use these variants to inflict new sensations and pains on your pecs.

Having muscular pecs is a sign of masculinity for many. If the legs are important for women, men want big arms and big guys.

So what is the best way to strengthen your pecs?  Of course, doing the bar to the bench press with a certain load is not a bad approach, but one of the big secrets of bodybuilding is that to take pics, better use dumbbells rather than closed off. Dumbbells often beat the bar.

Why? On the one hand, dumbbells offer many more options in terms of taking, taking breaks and changing weights. Looking to muscle your pecs? Here are 8 exercises of bodybuilding of the pecs of the most effective.

Dumbbell Bench Press: Accentuated Eccentric Phase


Nothing revolutionary here. In this exercise, you need to accentuate the phase during which you lower the dumbbells (eccentric phase) to help create more damage to your muscle fibers and then benefit from growth.

We advise you to stay in a range of 3 to 5 seconds by going down the dumbbells with 8 to 12 repetitions. One trick is to do a maximum of repetition on the last series of the kind:

  • Series 1: 10 repetitions
  • Series 2: 8 repetitions
  • Series 3: max of repetitions

But you can still use the same weight or work in a pyramid or other. Everything is fine.

1-Arm Dumbbell Bench Press


This is a good way to resolve imbalances of force between one side and the other. This also adds a strong trunk stability component (rotational stability), as you have to stay sturdy so you do not fall off the bench.

Recumbent Lying On 1 Arm Alternating


It is a classic effective variant in the line of the bench press with one arm. In addition, it requires and develops good scapular stability on the side of your arms during all series.

Developed Lying In Elevator


This technique involves lowering the dumbbells by one quarter, then raise the dumbbells up, then lower them even more, go up and go down a little more than the previous time, go up the dumbbells and finally go down again for reach the low position of the dumbbell bench press. Like an elevator, you go down a little more each time.

Aim 6-10 reps and feel congestion!

Reclined Recumbent

reverse dumbell

This variant consists of keeping a dumbbell a few centimeters above your chest, while on the other side you perform your rehearsals.

Change sides later to do your rehearsals on the other side … it burns! You can also do this Exercise with kettlebells.

Developed Inclined Dumbbell Tight Grip


This is one of our favorite dumbbell exercises to attack pecs. Here, you favor 2 of the main actions on pecs in a hybrid exercise.

The idea here is to squeeze the 2 dumbbells against each other by pushing them upwards.

Developed Inclined Dumbbell With Isometric Grip


The idea here is, once again, to increase the time under tension to increase metabolism (burn) and muscle damage (pain).

Start with an isometric hold of 10 seconds held up, then 5 seconds halfway through keeping your dumbbells up, then another 5 seconds just above your pecs. Then do 8 to 10 repetitions.

If you really want to go even further, after doing your rehearsals, repeat the 3 separate isometric points again on your last series.

Fly Dumbbells On The Floor In Cladding Position


This movement is not a bench press, but it is still a very effective exercise to develop and strengthen your pecs if you are 100% adducted. It also strengthens your trunk.

Moreover, since the exercise is performed on the ground, it can be considered as a variant of a “fly” since it limits the amplitude and prevents beginners to be over-extended, a zone dangerous.

Now, do these exercises, try, observe your feelings and results!

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