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Boxing is a sport that has continued to gain popularity over the last decade. People are becoming more and more interested in this famous sport and the thirst of becoming updated continue increasing. Boxing has become overwhelming in various places in the world. Normal activities tend to come to a standstill whenever there is a boxing game. Some people claim that activities such as crime and wars reduce in during these boxing matches.


Boxing is rated among the top five of the most popular games in the world. Due to this popularity of the game many people have started to train themselves so that they can enjoy being part of it. Through training they are able to maintain body health and fitness. Training also helps individuals defend themselves in times of danger such as robbery.



Review Everlast MX Pro Fight Gloves

EVERLAST MX BOXING GLOVESThe new Everlast MX Pro Fight Gloves are Everlast’s take on the infamous Mexican style pro fight gloves. They are just one of Everlast’s line-up of three new pro fight gloves including MX, Protex3, and 1910′s.

Styling – 4 of 5 Stars

The Everlast MX Pro Fight Gloves have some of the strangest looks of any pro fight glove on the market, and make even Everlast’s Protex3′s look “normal”. This isn’t necissarily a bad thing. Though they could be confused for clown’s gloves, there is just something alluring about them, and they just keep drawing you back. From the deep, rich maroon coloring, to the waxy-feeling finish, to the the light, leathery wrinkles, fresh leathery smell and oversized thumb, we don’t know what it is, but there is just something about these gloves that just makes you want to put them on and lace them up.

Comfort – 5 of 5 Stars

The Everlast MX Pro Fight Gloves are sort of strange feeling if you’re not familiar with the feel of Mexican style gloves, but they feel like just that. These are, in our opinion, the most comfortable gloves Everlast has ever made. The MX gloves feature a soft leather cuff, a loose nylon-like lining, and incredible smelling leather that fighters dream about. Though they have enough room to fit larger hands, they seem to easily “fill in” the extra space when someone with smaller hands slides them in, meaning they’re super comfortable regardless of hand size.

Protection – 3 of 5 Stars

This is the only place that the Everlast MX Pro Fight Gloves are lacking, but as Mexican style fight gloves, this is to be expected. The gloves have incredibly soft padding. Couple that soft padding with the super soft, waxy-finished leather and what you get is a glove that you can really feel your knuckles through. Like all Mexican fight gloves, these are real puncher’s, and you’re opponents are really going to feel it.

Pricing & Availability – 4 of 5 Stars

The Everlast MX Pro Fight Gloves are priced at $150 on and are available online at all major boxing websites, but we found them at for $101.25, which is comparable to Cleto Reyes which won’t be found for much less than $120 per pair.

Conclusion – OVERALL 4 of 5 Stars

  • They’re strange looking, but somehow very attractive.
  • Cheap feeling lining, but the comfort of the glove makes up for it; these feel great.
  • Soft padding; True Mexican styling, so you’ll feel your knuckles through them, but that’s what they’re designed for.
  • $100 to $150 per pair pricing.

Everlast MX Pro Fight Gloves Check Reviews & Price  

Review Everlast Protex3 Pro Fight Gloves

Everlast Protex3 Professional Fight GlovesThe new Everlast Protex3 Fight Gloves are the pride and joy of Everlast’s new line up of pro fight gloves which includes the Protex3′s, MX’s, and 1910′s.

Styling – 3 of 5 Stars

The Everlast Protex3 Pro Fight Gloves have a very unique look about them. They appear to be a very flat, long glove with an out-of-the-ordinary thumb that’s very…Captain-Hook-ish. They come in several color combinations, and feature one main body color, and a different colored palm. They also feature a very thick cuff, and at first glance, you’d think these were designed for fighters with bad wrists. We can’t decide whether they look “good” or not, but no one will be unsure of what gloves you’re wearing when you have them on.

Comfort – 3 of 5 Stars

The Protex3 Fight Gloves are constructed with very stiff padding. As mentioned before, they are very flat, and even with the 10oz XL gloves, they were tight on the hand. It’s very easy to close your fingers into a fist in these gloves, and feels very natural, but the awkward shape of the thumb almost makes you want to punch with it extended (which is a bad idea). There is a strip of padding on top of the thumb that is uncomfortable until you move it to its proper place on top of your thumb. There is very stiff padding along the sides of the cuff, so when these gloves close, they close very tightly, especially around the wrist.

Protection – 1 of 5 Stars

Due to the excess padding in the cuff, and boxing regulations requiring that the gloves be exactly 10oz, much of the padding that would be over the knuckles providing protection is non-existent. When you punch with these gloves, it hurts your knuckles, so your hands better be wrapped well. The awkward thumb placement is annoying and can cause your thumb to jam if you’re not sure to push it in the right direction. With all of the weight in the cuff, and the exaggerated look of it, you would expect these gloves to have incredible wrist protection; they don’t. The cuff adds a little extra firmness to the wrist, but the glove bends just as any other would when you apply pressure.

Pricing & Availability – 1 of 5 Stars

The Everlast Protex3 Fight Gloves are priced at $150 per pair at, and are available online at several retailers. The cheapest price we found (other than a promo at Everlast) was $140 at

Conclusion – OVERALL 2 of 5 Stars

  • “Unique” styling, but we’re not sure if they look “good” or not.
  • Nice lining, but awkward but thumb and very tight build, even in XL size.
  • Misleading but decent cuff, stiff padding, and a lack of knuckle protection.
  • $100 to $150 per pair pricing.

Everlast Protex3 Professional Fight Gloves Check Reviews & Price  

Review Everlast 1910 Pro Fight Gloves

everlast mahmmadThe Everlast 1910′s are probably the most widely used professional fight glove in boxing. “Why”, you ask? Everlast provides them to boxing promoters for free, and they are typically used by undercard fighters while the main event fighters are seen in the Everlast MX gloves or other brands. Here’s our review of the Everlast 1910 Pro Fight Glove:

Styling – 2 of 5 Stars

The Everlast 1910 Pro Fight Gloves are a staple of boxing, and as stated above, are probably the most widely used and common glove in the sport on a professional level. It’s for that very reason that they don’t stand out very much. These gloves can be described as “classic” looking, except for the featured Everlast “C-3 Foam Technology” logo on the thumb. “What does that mean” you ask? We don’t know either, but the first assumption that comes to mind is that it means they used foam in the construction of this glove…or one should hope.

Comfort – 3 of 5 Stars

The 1910s have a solid feel as you slide your hand in, but again, there’s nothing that stands out too much. The grip isn’t fantastic, but it’s good, and the thumb could be a little more comfortable. They also feel a little small, so we can see why the main event fighters tend to opt for other types of gloves. The finger tips in particular are a little uncomfortable and tight.

Protection – 3 of 5 Stars

The Everlast 1910s, again, are the most widely used professional boxing gloves out there, so the protection is right where you’d expect to be: average. These are not serious puncher’s gloves, but they’re not pillows either. They’re right in the middle, but being just average means that they won’t decimate your opponent with every blow, and they won’t shield your hand like steel armor either. You can feel the shock in your hands if you punch hard enough, which can be uncomfortable, and they don’t feel as if they’d necessarily knock your opponent out easily either. One thing that stands out on the 1910s is the wrist, which is thick, stiff, and supportive feeling. On the contrary, the thumb doesn’t feel incredibly safe, so an improvement there could’ve pushed our rating to a 3.5. 3 out of 5 stars for protection is as fair as we can go.

Pricing & Availability – 3 of 5 Stars

The Everlast 1910′s can be bought online for $125-$150 retail depending on how many you buy, but pricing of over $100 for a very average pair of gloves feels just a little expensive. If you’re a boxing promoter or have access to the locker rooms of any professional fight, you can probably get yourself a once-used-pair for free, and everyone knows that free is a good price.

Conclusion – OVERALL 3 of 5 Stars

  • “Classic” styling, but maybe just too classic…
  • Average fit, a little tight in the finger tips and the thumb.
  • Average protection, nothing fantastic, but not bad either.
  • $125 to $150 per pair pricing, but you can find them for free with some digging.

Everlast 1910 Pro Fight

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When engaging in training many people consider obtain the best brand of boxing gloves. The Everlast Boxing Gloves is the most preferred boxing gloves brand. They claim that it may be the champions’ gloves. Gloves vary in their functions hence it is advisable to understand the following types of gloves in order to determine the ones that suit you.

Training gloves

These are meant for those who have sparring partner especially the advanced boxing students. These are heavy duty gloves but do not qualified for professional boxing. They are only used during training sessions. If you become used to heavy duty gloves training then it becomes easier to tackle your sparring partner during completion since professional gloves are lighter.

Bag gloves

These are made for speed bag training as their name suggest. They help in preventing injury during speed bags training sessions. This is because speed bags are hard to punch. These gloves differ in types depending on the level of usage.

Amateur gloves

These are made specifically for competition. They always have a white portion on the center that helps the referees to determine whether a punch has been executed properly. This is because points are awarded according to the way a punch has landed.

Professional boxing gloves

These are never used for training since they can’t prevent any possible injury. There are only used during professional boxing match. They are very light hence best for fast punching. Among all the existing boxing gloves, Everlast Boxing gloves are highly recommended. They are made in different colors and make so as to fit the buyers need. You can buy them directly from the suppliers or warehouses since there are not available in retail. They can also be obtained from eBay auction store together with other boxing equipments or you can also try winning boxing gloves if you have higher budget.

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