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Boxing Is to reduce stress. However, if you do not feel able to face an enemy in a ring, the Everlast Strike punching bag can be of great help to you. Specially designed for amateurs and boxing professionals, it is perfectly suitable for both personal and group use. Its manufacture has been the subject of special care, it is obvious that you have everything to gain with this punch bag. However, it is not bad to look for all the details or features related to this bag before you consider buying it. Well, you will be served in this article.

Is the Everlast Punching Bag Recommended?

Yes, this punch bag is recommended for all users. Lovers and boxing professionals will undoubtedly find their account with this accessory. The product of an ultra-neat design and an unusual minutia, this Everlast bag is very practical. It can be used both at home and in the gym. In addition, it has a set of straps that facilitate its installation, although its weight is a big limit that could hinder its transport. On the other hand, there is no reason to fear that it will take up too much space because its size is very reduced. The manufacturer gave it an ideal thickness that puts in the real boxing conditions. It is also a punching bag that can be described as durable without risk of being wrong because considering its finishes we note that they are very well done. Only its price remains perfectible.

The “Pros” and “Cons” of the Everlast Strike punching bag

  • Easy attachment
  • Qualitative manufacturing
  • Ideal thickness
  • Space saving
  • template
  • Very convenient
  • All sizes available
  • Bad value for money
  • Hyper heavy
  • No gloves

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My passion for boxing took over me at the age of 10 years. Since then, I have practiced this sport to the point of reaching a professional level. I understood that the secret of the success of a boxer is the regular training. For this purpose, I never limit myself to confront my opponent in the ring. I also practice a lot at home and sometimes in the gym. At this moment, it is important to put yourself in the actual boxing conditions, at the risk of doing a vain training. When I chose the Everlast punching bag, I knew it was a quality accessory because the brand is familiar to me. But once I used it, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this accessory is much more satisfying than I thought.

Easy attachment

Seeing this bag punch, we immediately ask the question of where is it that can be installed in a house. Well, since it’s an accessory you’ll definitely want to use anytime, it would be nice to have it at your fingertips. Why not put it in your bedroom, or just in a corner of your office? There is no question of laying it on the ground. But rather to hang it so that it is up to your height. If you do not know how it’s happening, note that it’s not complicated at all. Moreover, the manufacturer took the initiative to give it to you with a set of straps to hang easily. This game consists of solid straps and a suitable hook that you will not have trouble fixing on the ceiling or on a wall. In any case, even the worst handyman will be able to mount it without having to solve several equations with several unknowns.

Qualitative manufacturing

??????????????????????????????????????????The first thing customers have to do with an article is to look at the brand that made it. In the case of this punch bag, it is Everlast who took charge of it. If you do not know this brand, know that it is very famous in the field of sport for the manufacture of good products such as gloves, shin guards and punch bags like this one. In addition, Everlast Never tears Traditional Heavy Bag is made of Polyurethane. With a generous thickness of this ultra-strong material, it is very reliable in the long run. On the other hand, it has a thickness of cotton glued to the inside which assures it a resistance to any test.

Everlast knows perfectly well that this punch bag is meant to be “hit” all the time. So, it would be simply foolish to conceive of it without considering this aspect. Know it, there’s no such thing as blows on this bag, you suddenly see the falling fabric come out and spread on the floor. In fact, the finishes of this bag are just perfect. Imagine that its filling is not only perfect but also framed in neat seams. The material used to make these stitches is of very high quality. For example, the seams of its two rounded ends are made in on hexagonal stitching. It is a kind of doubled seam that allows holding Polyurethane but without rushing its tear. In addition, this bag has been tested in several circumstances and approved after these numerous tests.

Finding a very good quality punch bag on the market is not at all obvious. Everlast remains for this purpose a reliable brand, hence the gain you will have to buy this accessory. Its waterproofness is no doubt because its manufacturing material does not let any drop of water. In short, it would be very well thought of you to buy it.

Ideal thickness

In order to put you in real boxing conditions, Everlast offers you this punch bag whose thickness will not disappoint you at all. It is delivered already full to point. Its filling was carried out by Everlast factories with falling fabrics. So that your shots are well cushioned, the brand has ensured that the filling is homogeneous in the bag.

In addition, the thickness of its filling guarantees the protection of your hands and the quality of your training. The bag closes with laces. As a result, if the filling of fabrics fades over time, you can pay it to fill the space that has formed with falling fabrics. The thickness of this punch bag is certainly homogeneous, but not compact. As a result, when you hit it, you’ll really feel like you’re facing an opponent made of flesh and blood because its texture is very close to reality.

Space-saving template

You can find room for this punch bag in any room of the house. Indeed, as you can see for yourself, this is not an accessory whose size will give you the slightest discomfort. Although you have the choice between bags of different sizes, none of them will require being installed in a separate room. Moreover, we all know that the best way to optimize the space of a room is to exploit it to the maximum in height. So, no need to build a bulky piece of furniture to put the Everlast punch bag. It simply hangs in height and does not clutter the room at all. On the other hand, if you happen to move around and want to bring it with you, it will not be difficult to store it in your belongings, because it slips easily into the trunk of a vehicle or even on the back seat.

Very Convenient

It’s not just professional boxers who need to let off steam on a punching bag. Very often, amateur boxing is also recommended for people with depression. Indeed, it is a very good therapy to bring out negative feelings like stress. So you understand that you are a professional boxing or an amateur, you can actually find your account with this punch bag. In addition, it is used everywhere. It’s no longer a good idea to go to the gym to kick a bag. Everlast offers you the possibility of training or self-destressing at home. No need to know a particular technique to be able to use this sports accessory. It is really convenient for everyone.

All Sizes Available

A punching bag is essentially used to hit. But, hit with what? With your members! Be aware however that it is according to the use that you want to make that you must choose your punching bag. It is a design that Everlast has made this bag available in several sizes. If you need a punching bag for use only with fists, the size between 100 cm and 12 cm will suit you. However, the punching bag of 150 cm is recommended for my boxing fists feet.

In addition, it would be wise for you to choose the 180 cm if you want to work the low kicks. With each type of boxing a punching bag size. Everlast has thought of all the boxers. No matter how long you have been involved in the practice of this sport, or what kind of boxing you practice specifically, you have a very large choice in the different sizes of Everlast bags available.

Bad Value For Money

Everlast proves by this bag that today, we can not aspire to have a quality accessory when we do not have enough money. In fact, the price-quality ratio of this striking bag leaves something to be desired. We already know that regarding its durability and other determinants of quality, there is nothing wrong. But it would be really annoying to have to be discouraged to buy this accessory simply because its price is quite high. The brand would do better to lower its price so that most customers wanting to buy it can actually have it.

Hyper Heavy

This punching bag weighs up to 35 kilograms. Even if you are a confirmed sportsman, it is obvious that you will have some difficulties to carry it easily. Moreover, it is very disadvised to carry loads with the risk of being deformed the lumbar belt. However, you will need from time to time pick up this bag for a trip for example. With such a heavy mass, it will not be obvious at all. Moreover, this weight is also a danger for the point of support of this bag. If it’s the ceiling, it could eventually make it give way.

No Gloves

We do not hit a bag like this without gloves at the risk of squirming the knuckles. Everlast could have provided appropriate gloves with this bag, knowing that both accessories go hand in hand. It is clear that it is not so. By only offering a punching bag, this forces the customer to obtain gloves separately. So, this is an aspect that the brand could revisit in order to provide its consumers with a complete 2 in 1 boxing equipment that would facilitate not only the purchase but also the use of these boxing accessories.

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Thank You For Reading This Article

Having reached the end of this argument, I think you have come out grown. It was the question of you detailing the characteristics of this boxing accessory and I think to have served you well. The Everlast punching bag keeps all its promises, especially when it comes to quality. Reading this article has certainly convinced you. I hope so anyway. But if you think I can help you further by answering other questions related to this bag punch, do not hesitate to address your concerns by leaving me a message at this email address boxingglovesguides@gmail.com.

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