How To Choose The Best Boxing Gloves

What Is Boxing?

Guideline for Choosing The Best Boxing Gloves or otherwise known as pygmachia, originated in Greece.  This developed as a combat sport which involves two people, called “boxers”, in a test of endurance, speed, strength, and reflex while continually throwing punches at each other. Greeks have been using boxing as a sport as early as 688 BC in their Olympic games. Boxing was abolished in 393 AD due to its excessive brutality, only resurfacing in 17th century London.


Boxing is now a world-renowned sport, gaining fame and acknowledgment in numerous countries. Furthermore, there are international competitions such as the Olympics that tests a boxer’s skill in this sport.

For a boxer, his most important “weapon” is his boxing gloves since these become the extension of his arms’ strength during competitions. It is important that he chooses only the best boxing gloves that he can use in his training and his actual competitions. In doing this, he can ensure that his strength and agility will be delivered by his gloves. It is up to the boxer on what brand of boxing glove he will choose to wear, whether Everlast or Grants, depending on which type he is more comfortable in using.


  • Colors-Italy - White,Black/Red/Grey,Red,Neo Pink, Neo Orange, Neo Yellow, white
  • Sizes: L,M,XL
  • Star Rating-4.5
  • Weight:~10,12,14,16 oz
  • Colors-Red, Black, White/Pink,Pk
  • Sizes: L,M,XL
  • Star Rating-4.5
  • Weight:~ 16 oz
  • Colors-Red, Green, Golden, Pink, Blue
  • Sizes: L,M,XL
  • Star Rating-4.5
  • Weight:~ 8,10,12,14,16 oz
  • Colors-Red/black, Blue/white, Green/Black, Gold/Black, White, Pink/Grey, White/Red , Yellow/Green
  • Sizes: S,M,XL
  • Star Rating-4.5
  • Weight:~10,12,14,16 oz
  • Colors-Red,Blue,Black,Gold, White,Pink
  • Sizes: L,M,XL
  • Star Rating-4.4
  • Weight:~10,12,14,16 oz
  • Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves
  • Colors- Red, Blue, Black
  • Sizes: L,M,XL
  • Star Rating- 4
  • Weight:~ 8,10,12,14,16 oz

Here Are Some Useful Tips in Choose Best Boxing Gloves:

You Must Have at least Two Pairs of gloves that you can use—one for Training and one for actual Tournaments.

cleto-reyes-boxing-glovesIn choosing your training or “sparring” gloves, you must pick one that has added support through cushions and paddings that can take you through the whole course of training without the glove tearing and giving away. Furthermore, these extra paddings and cushions will prevent you from hurting your sparring partner while you are throwing actual punches. Also, with the proper training gloves, you can practice with big punching bags without hurting your arms and wrists. In this manner, you can strengthen your endurance for a long training period without the unnecessary injuries on your hands and wrists. With the right sparring gloves, you can strengthen your stamina for long periods of training.

It must be noted, however, that the sparring gloves that you choose should not be wholly different in terms of weight and shape from your actual fighting gloves to ensure that you will not feel different in using them during the actual competition. You must remember that your sparring gloves are for training, while you will be using your fighting gloves for the actual tournament.

Picking the best boxing gloves to be used on actual fights is very important since you must ensure that the glove that you are choosing will take you through all the twelve rounds of continuous boxing. You must also ensure that when you have chosen your fighting gloves, you should take time in wearing them during training such that your arms and body will be accustomed to using them for the actual tournament.

You should choose the best boxing glove that takes the shape of your hands and wrists to enable you to deliver the best and strong blows without constricting your hands. A good boxing glove should snug fitly in your hand to avoid unnecessary movements and adjustments during the actual tournament.


There is a corresponding boxing glove weight with your body size and weight. You must be careful to ensure that the boxing glove that you are choosing is the right weight for your body to ensure that you can deliver your best performance. A boxing glove that is too heavy and too big for your body can greatly affect your performance since it will cause unnecessary muscle strains and tensions.

Choose the best boxing glove that offers the highest protection on your hand and wrist areas while guaranteeing that you will still deliver strong blows to your opponents. It is important that the boxing glove that you will wear on your training and competitions will not feel as if you are wearing a pillow on your hands since this will greatly affect how you deliver your punches.

Pick the best boxing glove that can offer you extra defense in blocking your opponent’s blows. This is often taken for granted by most boxers, but it is important that your gloves can assist you in blocking blows that can cause unnecessary injuries in your body. Furthermore, with gloves that can help in blocking blows, you can ensure that you will preserve your strength in countering your opponents’ attack. There are gloves available on the market that has extra padding in the front area of the glove to enable you the effectively block strong blows without hurting your hands and wrists.

 These are some of the minor yet most effective tips in choosing the best boxing gloves that you can use for your training and actual fights. It is very important that you take these tips into consideration to ensure that your gloves will assist you in the delivery of strong and powerful blows while also becoming your tool for defense. In this way, you will be killing two birds with one stone, through your own best boxing gloves.

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