English Boxing Shoes How To Buy & Choose Your Shoe?

Even if we do not necessarily think of it immediately, and that gloves, bandages or even perhaps the punching bag are given priority when one is equipped for boxing, adapted shoes are an important accessory. They will be both flexible and light and offer good support of the ankle. They must, therefore, favor the movement of the boxer, and move perfectly in a ring is one of the keys to becoming a good fighter.

I propose you to discover here a selection of the best boxing shoes currently on the market, and I explain everything you need to know about this type of equipment.

Selections Of The Best Boxing Shoes

  • Colors-Italy - White,Black/Red/Grey,Red,Neo Pink, Neo Orange, Neo Yellow, white
  • Sizes: L,M,XL
  • Star Rating-4.5
  • Weight:~10,12,14,16 oz
  • Colors-Red, Black, White/Pink,Pk
  • Sizes: L,M,XL
  • Star Rating-4.5
  • Weight:~ 16 oz
  • Colors-Red, Green, Golden, Pink, Blue
  • Sizes: L,M,XL
  • Star Rating-4.5
  • Weight:~ 8,10,12,14,16 oz
  • Colors-Red/black, Blue/white, Green/Black, Gold/Black, White, Pink/Grey, White/Red , Yellow/Green
  • Sizes: S,M,XL
  • Star Rating-4.5
  • Weight:~10,12,14,16 oz
  • Colors-Red,Blue,Black,Gold, White,Pink
  • Sizes: L,M,XL
  • Star Rating-4.4
  • Weight:~10,12,14,16 oz
  • Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves
  • Colors- Red, Blue, Black
  • Sizes: L,M,XL
  • Star Rating- 4
  • Weight:~ 8,10,12,14,16 oz

Are Boxing Shoes Really Useful?

If you’re starting out, you’re not sure to continue, then a pair of basketballs will probably be enough to get you started. Afterward, if you take a taste of the boxing gym and this fantastic sport (what you will do), then you have to equip yourself more seriously, and the boxing shoe will become paramount.


The first reason is that the sole is thin and quite soft, which is much better for the ring mat. Indeed, a ring carpet is expensive, and in many clubs, you can only climb on it with the right shoes.

The second reason concerns purely the practice of boxing! You might think that boxing is only done with fists, and you just have to have big arms, but it’s completely wrong. The punch starts from your supports and therefore from your feet. The knees bend, the hip shifts, then the shoulders follow, and finally, the arm throws the fist. If your supports are bad, then the shot will miss both power and accuracy.

The boxing shoe, therefore, offers good grip and holds the ankle securely so that the support is stronger, and incidentally to avoid straining when moving in the ring. They will make you feel comfortable and confident to move, dodge and hit.

How To Choose Boxing Shoes?

As with all shoes in the world, except perhaps flip flops, you must first choose your shoes according to the size of your feet. They will have to be tight enough, but not too much to not cause pain and damage to your feet.

By placing an order on Amazon, you will obviously have a better price, but I advise you to do your tests in store to be sure and certain of the size. You can also order 2 pairs and send back the one that does not go perfectly to your feet.


Flexibility is very important, but all manufacturers offer soft and lightweight shoes, tailored to the needs of boxing. They must be resistant because they will be put to hard tests during the catch or change of supports and they will undergo all your weight on the seams. Here, there is often no secret, the more we go upmarket, and the more we find strong shoes. Turning to Everlast or Adidas, you buy shoes that should last for several seasons, depending on your weight.

Then everything is a matter of taste. It’s not because we are a boxer that we can not choose the color and style of our shoes. When you are a beginner, I advise you, all the same, to choose equipment always as discreet as possible. When you get noticed for his look in a boxing gym, some like to show you that the look is useless …

A Few Tips

It will be necessary to “make” your shoes to your feet. At first, especially if you have a bit wide foot, you will not necessarily be super comfortable in your boxing shoes. So do not hesitate to wear it at home, to walk a bit with it to stretch the leather and prepare the shoe and your feet for rougher exercises afterward. This will prevent you from spoiling your foot by immediately training with new shoes.

Never wear your shoes outdoors. The sole is thin, it is not walking shoes or hiking, and you will quickly damage them on surfaces that are not perfectly smooth. Boxing shoes hate pebbles! On this subject, if you want more advice regarding the maintenance of your English boxing shoes then you can read our dedicated page

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