How To Pick The Right Pair Of Womens Boxing Gloves

Women boxing has been going for some time now; in fact female only boxing has been traced all the way back to the 1720 in London when the first public shows were held in seedy back alley boxing rings; during these fights women were actually allowed to scratch and kick at each other.

Ladies boxing matches continued to be held in secret until the 1950 when Barb era But trick became the first women boxer to have her fight broadcast live on national television in the U.S. From that momentpink_boxing_gloves-300x274 on things have gradually grown in terms of publicity for female boxers and now the Olympic committee has finally granted women boxing to be part of the up coming 2012 event held in London.

Whether you are new to the world of female boxing or you have been boxing for sometime, choosing the best fitting and most comfortable pair of boxing gloves with the right weight to them will affect your overall boxing technique greatly. So how do I choose the right pair of boxing gloves?

Size And Weight

Boxing gloves come in several different sizes and are commonly measured in ounces, though different countries may differ; they start from about 8 then go up in increments of 2. For each different weight their will be 2 or 3 different sizes, a small, medium and large; to make things even more complicated different brands will have different size and weight values. Each boxing glove weight is designed to be used in a different weight class, for example flyweight class use 8 gloves and middle weight boxers tend to use 10 oz gloves, though again this varies. Women boxing gloves usually come in smaller versions, just because female hands are much smaller in size and also tend to be longer and more slender as well. Boxing gloves were made to protect boxers hands, so female gloves have been designed to follow their particular bone structure to optimize the shock absorption for both the attacker and her opponent. Obviously the weight of your gloves is important to your movements, to heavy and you will grow tired very fast and too light and you could inflict serious injury to your hands and your opponent.

Leather Or Vinyl Boxing Gloves?

There are two types of boxing gloves for ladies, those that are made from vinyl and those made from leather, both of them do the job they are supposed to but leather boxing gloves are definitely more durable usually lasting you years before they need replacing. Vinyl boxing gloves are also cheaper than leather ones and are used more often by people doing cardio boxing; though that does’nt mean that they cant be used as effective boxing equipment.

Lace Ups Or Velcro Stick Gloves?lase-up-boxing-gloves

It is important that your boxing gloves are tight fitting, especially with ladies boxing gloves because women hands tend to be more slender and are prone to slipping off. In the past all boxing gloves were lace ups, now they have introduced Velcro a lot of new boxers are choosing these because of the convenience of putting them on and taking them off when there no one around to help you out. Most of the time lace up gloves are used in the matches and Velcro are used during training sessions, but in the end both do a good job of securing your gloves to your hands; though Velcro may need to be replaced after some time to keep its strong stickiness.