Lady Kickboxing Equipment!

We know women and we know kickboxing for women. We understand that it can be hard to find equipment in traditional kickboxing equipment that is made specifically for women, and we want to remedy that. Our site is designed specifically with women in mind. We carry items like women boxing gloves, speedbags, hand wraps and even exercise weights and sweat suits.

All Of Our Equipment Is Designed To Maximize The Benefits Of This Total Body Workout.kick-boxing-equipment


Kickboxing for women can be the answer to staying fit and healthy for a lifetime. Not only is kickboxing great for fitness, it can also give you valuable self-defense skills. The health benefits of kickboxing are numerous. Kickboxing can improve your cardiovascular health and endurance. It can also give you the toned body you want.

A Slimmer, Tighter And Stronger Version Of Yourself Is Achievable!

A female kickboxer will receive the benefit of a total body workout during a fun training routine. From the warm up through the duration of the workout, kickboxing is going to burn calories, build muscle, and improve endurance.

We carry all the equipment you will need for a total kickboxing routine. Our product line includes:

Best Boxing gloves


Hand wraps

Jump ropes

Ankle and wrist weights

Weighted gloves

Sparring equipment

Sweat suits

Home exercise equipment

Reason Why We LOVE Kickboxing For Women:

lady kickboxingWoman boxer

  • Kickboxing burns on average an estimated 500 calories and hour. Some discover they can burn up 800 based on their intensity level. On average women burn 475 calories per hour while running. Kickboxing can burn more calories and is a lot more fun!
  • Kickboxing specifically targets your arms, shoulders, core, thighs and glutes in one complete total body workout.Kickboxing is a great way to improve your cardiovascular endurance. It can be an intense workout that requires a great deal of endurance and oxygen intake. You can improve both with a consistent routine.

Couple kickboxing

  • Kickboxing is also a great stress relief! What better way to relieve built up tension than taking it out on a dummy. Spare your husband and use a bag or dummy to relieve pent up stress and frustrations. Leave the gym or your workout with a clearer mind and stronger confidence to take on the world.

Whatever your fitness goals are, you can reach them with kickboxing. If you’re looking to lose weight, we have the answer. If you need to tone up and build muscle, we have the solution. If you’re simply looking to train as a self-defense we have what you need. Nothing is as complete or intense as kickboxing can be. Depending on your skill level, we have the right equipment to get you started or to keep you going. With the right equipment and motivation, kickboxing can be the answer for a healthier and stronger you.