Martial Arts is “The Art of War”

Martial Art HistoryWhen you think of sports today, you mostly think of competitive games that people play for fun, fame, or fortune. Martial Arts, however, is so much more than just a sport that is focused on. This sport has but one combined single objective and that is to defeat their opponent physically and to defend themselves and others from physical harm. This objective is both for training in the actual combat sport and also used by thousands of people of all races and gender in order to have a defense for themselves and their loved ones.

The term Martial Arts actually means arts of war and this term comes from the Europeans in the 15th century. This is the term that they used in order to describe their art of fighting which is known today as the historical martial art of the Europeans. Any Asian culture combat systems was tagged with this term but today it placed on any type of codified combat system no matter what the origin. There are many different forms of this type of combat system today, but they all have one common denominator and that is the systematization of the fighting techniques that are used.

Couple kickboxingMartial Arts has sets of techniques that are taught alone in their own form. When actually fighting, these techniques all come together as one but in many different routines. When using this art for protection, there is really no routine to follow and the techniques are used alone in order to coordinate with the circumstance at hand in order to stop or get away from the danger. When using this art in the sport, the techniques are put into routines and used at appropriate times during the fight. These types of routines have been sometimes called the dance in the martial art sport.

There are many different aspects of Martial Arts but these variations have been grouped into three main categories which include striking, grappling, and weaponry. Striking includes punching for Boxing, kicking for Kickboxing, Taekwondo, and Savate, and other strikes with the elbows, open-hand, and knees which are used in Karate and other arts. Grappling includes throwing, joint lock, and pinning used in wrestling. Weaponry includes weapons that are used in such sports as Fencing and Jukendo. No matter what type of martial art is used, it will show off the training and perseverance of the person using the skills they have acquired.