How to choose my shoes to practice a sport such as boxing? How to choose the right shoes adapted to the practice of English boxing? English boxing shoes are a very important accessory. Both soft and light, they allow ankle support and an ideal grip for movement in the ring. When you are a beginner in boxing, you do not really realize the importance of traveling. We say that boxing is practiced primarily with fists. Well, it’s wrong! A punch by the foot (and therefore shoes), inclines the knees, shifts the hip, then the shoulders, and finally, only last, after a quick glance (and yes, we look where you type! ) the arm than the first left. So everything by foot, and therefore the posture.

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Tips For Using Your Boxing Shoes

It is important that the foot is tight in the shoe (but not too much, otherwise the blood will circulate badly). Beware of old pairs of worn sneakers (beginner as an expert). If you are a beginner, it is advisable to try the shoes in store: if the shoe you like, go to Amazon. This will be the cheapest to buy boxing shoes at a good price.

Check Out You Best Boxing Shoes For Women’s & Men’s 

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Warming Up With The Boxing Shoe


As you can see, boxing is a very physical sport! And it’s important to be good in your shoes.
During the warm-ups, it is not uncommon to have to run, and very often, one finds to run in “round” (in the same direction around the room).
If you ever feel pain (at the knees), there are not 50 possibilities.
The first:
– Make yourself soles! Knees are very important joints. You will need it all your life! So make an appointment with your general practitioner or directly your podiatrist.                                                                                                                                                Check Out On Amazon
– Skipping rope! And yes! We do not always think about it, but the jump rope is a great way to warm up. Of course, if you have ankle problems … it’s not a good idea!
– Warm-up to the bag!

Can I Train With Tennis and Keep My Boxing Shoes for Real Matches?

It depends mostly on your clubs; some clubs can be difficult on accessories to adopt during training, especially on shoes. Otherwise, of course, it is possible to train with a pair of classic tennis (provided that train has good tighten). However, if they are not rising, you are at risk of spraining your ankle on a trip.
Another important point: hygiene! If you use your tennis for your training, check that it is clean with the training. Typically, you have no reason to use your soles of real boxing shoes outdoors. They will, therefore, stay cleaner. So do the same with your training tennis.

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