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If you are a boxer in training or enjoy boxing for the exercise that it gives you, boxing shoes for women can help you ‘up’ your game to the next level. Many people are tempted to forego the added expensive of buying boxing shoes for the sport that they love and to just train solely in regular athletic shoes. If you are serious about boxing, however, and you want to perform at optimal levels, then you need to invest in a pair of shoes that are made specifically for the needs of the boxer.

Best Boxing Shoes


The truth is that boxing shoes worn during training can help you to improve your footwork, which is an important part of the sport of boxing. Moreover, boxing shoes can assist you in moving faster so that you can get an edge over your opponent. Boxing shoes for women should fit like a second skin but provide a lot of support to the foot, ankle and calf.

When choosing boxing shoes for women, it is important to pay attention to the weight of the shoe. Boxing shoes should be lightweight and weigh less than traditional athletic shoes or tennis shoes. A lighter shoe can help the boxer to move lightly on the feet and to change stance and direction often, which is important to becoming a winning boxer. A boxing shoe should allow you to feel like you are wearing nothing at all. Most boxing shoes are crafted from lightweight suede or leather.

Another consideration when choosing boxing shoes for women is traction Boxing shoes with rubber tread provide traction, even when the boxer sweats. Unlike most athletic shoes, boxing shoes may not feature a built-in arch. You will find boxing shoes in three different types of configurations or styles, including low-top, mid-top and high-top versions. The high-top boxing shoes provide the most support and the most protection to the lower shin and the ankle. Many boxers prefer a low-top shoe for working out and a high-top or mid-top shoe for competition or when they get in the ring.

When choosing boxing shoes for women, breathability is also a concern. The boxing shoes that you choose should allow for the evaporation of sweat with ease. Some accomplish this feat with the addition of a built-in mesh window. This is due to the fact that fluid can easily penetrate inside the shoe.

with-box-cheap-online-hot-sale-new-best-mensBoxing and Footwork

The ability to take and throw punches during a boxing match are not the only things that are needed to be successful as a boxer. You must also be able to move around with ease, stand and position yourself into various stances that will allow you to put your body behind the punches that you throw, adding force to your punches so that you can overpower the competition. This involves having the best possible boxing shoes for women. Most boxing shoes have a thin sole that allows you to feel the surface beneath your feet and they have a non-slip sole that will keep you from losing traction when walking through water or sweat on the ring floor. Rules on Boxing Shoes
The first boxing rules were put into place back in 1743 and were known as Broughton’s Rules. These rules made no mention of footwear for boxers. The first time that any rules were made in regards to footwear was not until 1866 when Queensbury Rules mentioned that the boxer should not wear any boots or shoes with sprigs, which is another word for what we call spikes. In Britain in 1923, the first defined rule requiring boxing shoes was made, when the National Sporting Club required boxers to wear light boots or light shoes or to box in socks. These rules pretty much stuck until a 2009 revision that was made by USA Boxing, the U.S. body that governs boxing. These rules state that boxers must wear footwear that is made from soft material and that is free from heels, cleats and spikes. For professional bouts, however, the rules can vary from state to state. Although not specifically required during a boxing match, most trainers, advisers and boxing professionals themselves recommend that boxing shoes, including boxing shoes for women boxers, are a vital piece of equipment.

Best Boxing Shoes

Where To Buy Boxing Shoes For Women

Any sporting goods store sells boxing shoes for women, and this includes online sporting goods stores. No matter where you buy, be sure to look for a retailer who offers genuine products from your favorite brands and that you can trust to deliver on any guarantees that are offered. Most boxing shoes run the same size as your regular athletic shoes, although you can plan on the fit is a bit snugger than regular shoes. The shoe should fit snug but should also leave room for you to wiggle your toes around inside the toe of the shoe. The old rule of ordering a size up to ensure the best fit does not really apply to boxing shoes since they must fit well in order for you to perform optimally in the ring. A loose fitting shoe can cause you to lose your footing. Always order true to size and refer to the size chart provided by the manufacturer when you order boxing shoes for women.

Best Boxing Shoes

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