How To Take Care of the Boxing Gloves?

Can I Stop Boxing Gloves From Smelling?

Yes, you can!! Basically, the gloves are a vital part of the boxing gaming arena. In order to perform well in the playground, you have to keep practicing i.e. you have to remain constantly in touch with your boxing gloves. All in all, means getting more sweat in the hands prompting to make your sports gear smelly and unhygienic.

Similar to other sports gear, you need to take care and maintain them to make boxing gloves everlast. The most reliable way to deal with problem effortlessly is to take some precautionary measures from time to time. Also, you follow the given 6 pro tips for boxing glove sanitation to keep them clean and fresh every time.

6 Pro Tips to Make Boxing Gloves Odorless and Fresh

  1. Get Glove Deodorizers

Glove-DeodorizersOne of the top-notch pro tips is to get a nice glove deodorizer assisting to kick off the sweat odor in an easy way.  The regular use of such deodorizers will keep your gloves clean and hygienic. Therefore, leads to no chances for the development of infections and fungus due to the sweat from your hands and fingers drenching during the training sessions. Hence, leaves your gaming sporty gear always fresh, clean and ready to use.

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  1. Use a Paper Towel

Another way to keep your gloves clean is to make use of a soft cloth or a paper towel. The use of paper towel will definitely wipe out the sweat after each practicing session. Take care don’t leave them wet for a long period of time. By doing so, you can damage the leather/vinyl layer thereby, causing leakage into the padding underneath over time.

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  1. Let They Breathe

The easiest way to keep your gloves long working is to Air them out. By this, I mean to say make sure you must take your boxing gloves out from your bag after each training session. By doing so, the air will circulate in the inner areas of the gloves. At last, fewer chances in the building of harmful bacteria which give foul smell to hands. So, take them out of your gaming pouch and let them breathe too!!!

  1. Place a Paper Towel Inside

Placing a paper towel inside the boxing glove is also a good idea to keep them clean and odor-free.  By doing so, the paper towel will absorb most of the sweat directly drenching from the hands during the training sessions. However, this is a sort of temporary option but though can contribute a lot in enhancing the boxing gloves life.

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  1. Wear Hand Wraps

hand wrap

An effective method is to make use of hand wraps which tends to block the hand sweat getting absorbed inside the glove. By using such a method, you will have a soft layer between the hand and glove promoting in less production of bacteria every time. Hence, no horrible odor inside the gloves.

There is also a wide range of boxing hand wraps available online!! You can check them out today and shop the best which suits your requirements in every manner…

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  1. Spray with Air Freshener

air freshner

In case if you don’t have any Glove Deodorizers, you can make use of Air Fresheners too to kick off the yucky smell out of the gloves. Just dab on a fabric air freshener or other related odor eliminating products to take care of your gaming accessory in a reliable way.

You can shop for an air freshener from Amazon!! Just spray some amount on a piece of cloth or a paper towel. Rub gently and wipe your gloves down on the inside and outside that way.

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I hope, you will find these tips interesting and will consider them in taking ultimate care of your favorite boxing gloves. Let me know in the comments whether these tips were useful for you or not??

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