Best Title Boxing Gloves 2017 Review – Top Pick

Gloves which a fighter choose to wear on the night of the fight as well as during training session it is perhaps the most important piece of equipment. To casual observers, all gloves basically look the same. However, it is the subtle nuances in the diversified brands of boxing gloves can potentially determine winning or losing. Here, the brand that is being focused is the amateur Title Boxing Gloves which are much ideal for beginners and light weight training.

Title Boxing Gloves Review

If you are interested in boxing and willing to purchase all round boxing glove, this is an amazing purchase. Title boxing gloves are great for any beginner since they cost only $20 and are not badly put together especially for someone learning the basics and does a few sessions a week. This all title’ brand is known quite well and are value for money.


Ideal gloves for training have to possess a basic and old school look. Title boxing gloves achieve this value. Most fighters like fitting, but not too tight gloves. This brand is snug fitting.

To ensure protection, a fair amount of padding is present on and around the thumb. This means that the puncher’s thumb is well protected.

The make is similar to the 5111 Ever last-Hook and Loop’ gloves. This could favor the puncher.

When purchasing any form of a commodity, affordability plays as the main factor. These gloves are pocket friendly meaning they are inexpensive to purchase.

On the palm side of the glove are air holes to ensure free air circulation, allowing the hands to breath. They come wrapped in a glove bag. This implies that you can keep them together and very tidy.


Letting the down is that there is hardly any wrist support. A lot of boxers like their wrists supported. The title boxing gloves lack a huge durability.

So, overall these gloves are good. Unlike most gloves, they are not bulky and fit much well and have a great value for money. However, these gloves are not that much ideal for regular competitors and trainers unless they specifically use them for one task such as sparring or bag work.

General Ratings Made On The Gloves

  1. Appearance: 4/5 for their cool and old school look. However, they could look a bit better.
  2. Comfort: 4/5 since they are pretty comfortable.
  3. Price: 5/5 pocket-friendly and worth of the money.
  4. Durability: 3/5 there durability is probably huge for beginners, but for anyone training near every day, they would not hold out for too long.

The gloves come in a variety of colors being yellow, blue, green, black and red another similar brand is Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves.

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