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Windy boxing gloves are included in the list of the gloves that were commonly used by professionals. It is manufactured by the oldest glove manufacturer in Thailand, the Windy. These gloves were made in Thailand are also called Windy Thai boxing gloves. Moreover, these boxing gloves are the said to be the most authentic and trusted martial arts brand in Thailand that assures not only its quality but its durability as well. These gloves can be used in different martial arts like MMA, boxing and Muay Thai.

Windy Boxing gloves come in a variety of models depending on its uses but most of these gloves were used by most of the Thai professional boxers. According to a lot of Windy Boxing Gloves Reviews, these gloves have a wide variety of features which includes dense multi-layered foam padding and softer outer layer padding which are different from any other gloves. It is best to protect your hands as well as your partner’s face. These gloves are said to be the most comfortable and give full wrist support in order not to get your hands slip when punching. It provides a full protection all around your hand.


Besides, these gloves are extremely compact which enables your hand to be fully secure inside the gloves. It has a convenient hook and loop closure which helps to feel your hand in comfort inside. When talking to its durability, these windy boxing gloves is long lasting that can last for at least ten years of use


Furthermore, windy gloves are made from durable leather. It is not too hard and gives a right amount of softness just fitted for contest and sparring. Traditionally, most of the Thai gloves were designed for the user even without hand wraps. Therefore, these windy gloves can also be used without hand wraps, but of course, it can be used with hand wraps.

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Where to buy these windy boxing gloves? There are plenty of stores that sell, either online or in the market. However, it is also good to buy these gloves on Windy’s shop so you can have a great selection of boxing gloves. Whether you are amateur or professional, you can find gloves that fit your needs, you can also check similar best quality ringside boxing gloves.


In general, most of the windy boxing reviews stated that these gloves were in the martial arts industry for giving a great support and comfort – which is the best feature that a user is finding from a glove.